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SE98 Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes by nestoris
Very raw, but workable! Logoff (shutdown) screen is currently in Win95 style with 4x3 format.
retro win98 windows se98 logon linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Aug 09 2022


Global Themes by phob1an
Impressions of the classic CDE desktop. Requires this Kvantum:
cde sgi retro classic linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Aug 06 2022

Wallpaper retro e moderno para BigLinux

Wallpapers BigLinux by rruscher
Remaster do Wallpaper do BigLinux 2004 que fez muito sucesso, agora numa versão 2022. Dimensão
Mar 18 2022

Mac9Kvantum Alternate color-schemes

Kvantum by zinjanthr0pus
A bunch of minor edits to drgordbord's Mac9Kvantum theme. Mostly just changing the colors, but there were a few other things like floating tabs, toolbar widget and combo widget (these aren't the same as the button widget in Mac OS9. I also don't know how to make the combo widget look like the...
qplatinum platinum retro macos linux unix theme kvantum
Jul 01 2022

Platinum Golden Poppy

GTK3/4 Themes by zinjanthr0pus
This is an edited version of drgordbord's GTK3 Platinum Lime theme, which is, in turn, adapted from the Azurra Project Platinum GTK theme. CSS is basically black magic to me, so hopefully I didn't screw anything up. I was also too afraid to edit the GTK2 theme, so that one is still just Lime colors.
platinum qplatinum retro macos linux unix theme gnome
Jun 29 2022

Flavor of the week screenshot no. 8

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zinjanthr0pus
Same as last time, but this time it's the "Tangerine Melt" theme. Also, I figured out how to get floating tabs working. Basically you need to have a normal widget, not just a toggled widget. I actually did this before, but I must have misnamed the normal widget or something. This screenshot...
kde linux pistachio plasma platinum qplatinum retro screenshot unix
Jun 23 2022

Rain Retro Modern [Classic Mac OS style/high DPI/dark mode]

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by gregorrichards
An expansion and improvement to the copland theme ( ) adding high DPI and dark mode, but sacrifice pixel perfection to get there. A good, elegant retro style. Light mode is just copland expanded; dark mode is mostly just copland inverted, but with a lot of...
dark linux macos retro theme unix xfce xfwm4
Jun 18 2022


Full Icon Themes by nestoris
) from MicroSoft Memphis project for GNU/Linux inspired by Chicago95 theme (actually it’s a manual copy
windows win98 win2k windows2000 retro linux unix icon-theme
May 08 2022


Full Icon Themes by dchris
Boston is an exclusive icon theme inspired by functionalist design and a touch of early computer icons. The project is focused on elemental properties, basic shapes, a reduced color palette and visual hierarchy. It's intended to be used with GNOME desktop and its default settings. For maximum...
gnome minimalist icon-theme minimal retro linux unix
May 12 2022

PixelFun 2

Cursors by ainola
Low-poly old-school with a sharp edge. Wanna see more previews of the themes? See This cursor theme was created by zealkane ( and the original files are hosted on DeviantArt...
8-bit cursor green linux oldschool pixelart retro unix
Mar 14 2022