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Clearlooks Gimp 2.10 Color Hinted Themes [Updated]

Gimp Themes by migf1
version 1.2.1 should now look as intended on Linux. If you are on Windows, you will not notice any change
Jun 25 2020

11 themes for aMule

Icon Sub-Sets by ZMA
1. Unpack 11-skins-for-aMule.tar.xz 2. Put this files zip (do not unpack the archive) in .aMule/skins or /usr/share/amule/skins/ or /usr/local/share/amule/skins folder. If not exist, create it. 3. Run aMule go to Preferences - Inerface - Skin - Select ***** skin - click OK. 1. Распакуйте 1...
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Jun 15 2019