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Blackys Scripts

Tutorials and Scripts by Blackcrack
Hi, i upp there different Scripts/tools who it can need by different projects, as example, i had need a script who create out of the names png picture in a subdirectory : as example, i have copy the whole names of the mimetypes in the actual Fedora, set up a...
bash blacky developer linux scripts tools tutorial unix
Dec 18 2022


GTK3/4 Themes by reorr
Colorize gtk and xfwm theme from .Xresources or pywal cache To generate gtk theme and xfwm4 theme, use: ./ --gtk fantome --xfwm [ pastel | black-paha | one_new | nest1 | diamondo | wendows ] using pywal cache ./ --wal --gtk fantome --xfwm [ pastel | black-paha |...
gnome gtk2 gtk3 linux ricing theme tools unix xfwm
Jun 21 2018