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Windows Classic [XP/2k/ME] inspired LXQt Theme

LXQt Themes by pixelocdguy
This is a LXQt Windows Classic inspired theme. For speed, use the Openbox theme of the same name. For accuracy, use KWin with the Aurorae theme. This is as close as possible without modifying the source code. If you'd like to improve, or help clean up any remaining issues, e.g. 1 line off, a...
windows classic lxqt winxp theme linux unix
Feb 23 2022

Windows Classic [2000/ME/XP] inspired Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by pixelocdguy
This is a Windows Classic inspired theme for KWin using the Aurorae Theme Engine. The aim is to be a pixel perfect match for the Windows 2000, ME & XP (Windows Classic Theme) Titlebar & Window style. Please note this currently only recommended for low DPI and the default Windows color...
kwin aurorae windows classic winxp linux unix theme kde plasma
Feb 23 2022


Kvantum by phob1an
Part of Expose global theme.
windows winxp linux unix theme kvantum
Feb 12 2021

Avdan Windows XP 2019 Splash

Plasma Splashscreens by aeregeneratel38
KDE Splash Screen from the boot of Windows XP 2019 concept by Avdan. It needs some finishing touch to be the same as in the video. If you don't know about it, check it out:
windows windowsxp winxp theme unix linux plasma-5 plasma splashscreen kde avdan
Jun 15 2020