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PixFlat Cursor

Cursors by kp2401075
PixFlat cursor theme from Raspberry PI. I quite like this cursor theme from raspberry pi's Pixel desktop I could not find it anywhere. so I copied it off my Raspberry pi. Fixed missing cursors. and here it is. 1.3: - Creted few cursors from scratch for better visibility on both...
cursor linux pi pidesktop pix pixel raspberry unix
Nov 11 2020

Win7OS Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by yeyushengfan258
Win7OS kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository you'll find: Aurorae Themes Kvantum Themes Plasma Color Schemes Plasma Desktop Themes Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings [b]Plasmoids for KDE[/b] ------------------------------ Launcher...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jun 15 2020

NoMansSky Global theme

Global Themes by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]NoMansSky theme for plasma KDE [/b][/u][/color] Inspired by [url=][/url] [color=#17B529][u][b]Plasma, gnome, xfce, cinnamon, lxde, i3...
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Jun 28 2020


Plasma Window Decorations by nemebean
An Aurorae theme making heavy use (abuse?) of radial gradients. This theme was mostly created to scratch my own personal itch. I like themes with small/no window borders and big squared off buttons. The themes I found which met those requirements were always missing the "all desktops"...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Apr 09 2020

Neon Knights Red

Global Themes by ju1464
Neon knights is a dark blue and gray theme mixed with bright colors, creating a beautiful visual contrast. [b]Neon Knights Red KDE Plasma package components:[/b] [list] [*][url=]Icon Theme[/url] [*][url=]Plasma...
kde linux look-and-feel neon plasma theme unix
Jul 14 2020

KDE4 Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord
.[/I] [/B] It's the first release so please, let me know if there are bugs! I test this pack on arch linux (kdemod
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 20 2012


Latte Layouts by wakellor957
A simple but effective Latte Dock layout which focuses on keeping everything within easy reach. To install, right-click the Latte Dock, go to Layouts > Configure... > Download. Search for 'UltraSleek'... then click Install! UPDATE v2: Fixed some spacing/design issues following Latte's 0.9...
dock extension latte latte-dock layout linux sleek unix
Jul 19 2020


Plasma Themes by Cybernix
Plasma theme in dark palette Plasma theme based on works of Alexey Varfolomeev - Express my gratitude to [B][URL=]Freefreeno[/URL][/B] for help in creating the theme
flatery kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 10 2020

Laferte Matrix Folders

Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
You can use whatever inherits you like for the folders. Just open the index theme and change it. Wallpaper in screenshot is the KDE on Leather wallpaper found here: My folders are using the newaita-dark icons for the inherits and they are here:...
icon-theme linux unix
May 02 2019

One dark color theme

Plasma Color Schemes by adhe
details soon
colorscheme dark kde linux plasma theme unix
May 05 2020