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Ecliz (port)

Cursors by PurposeOfReason
This is only a port from a cursorxp theme made by JJ. Ying. All credit goes to him.
cursor linux unix
May 11 2008

Super Meradoou

Plasma Themes by meradoou
This personnalisation is based on the KDE desktop scheme (Oxygen, Produkt,Androbit). Color Scheme:
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jul 07 2013


Plasma 5 Applets by bulldog98
This is an facebook plasmoid based on qml. So you need Plasma 5 or later to run it. Also you need to have the QtWebkit-qmlplugin for qt 5 installed. Hope you enjoy it.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
May 30 2015


Plasma Themes by XenoPL
Intro ========== Here's remake of the KDE 4.0 Oxygen theme. I thinks it's mostly complete. It is fully up to 4.10 standards. It contains elemnets of KDE 4.0 Oxygen theme and pdated with few pieces from KDE 4.7 and later Oxygen themes for elements not present in original theme. All the credits...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Apr 28 2013

CurveDomina-Respin QtCurve theme

QtCurve by MrBumpy4096
CurveDomina-Respin is a derivative of the original CurveDomina QtCurve theme by Antonio Orefice (url: [url][/url]). By Antonio's own description, CurveDomina is “an attempt to make qtcurve look like the good old domino s...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Feb 18 2011

OxygenRings qtcurve

QtCurve by schnelle
Ozone style with few changes. Enjoy! :)
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 31 2011

Shere Khan X

Cursors by HeWhoE
tinic's jaguarx theme again; this time with a different spinner. The dreaded "beachball." Kudos to Fant0men, from whose "jaguarx recompiled" theme I took the list of symbolic links necessary to fill in missing parts.
cursor linux unix
May 05 2007

Shape of Zom [QtCurve]

QtCurve by ZomAur
This is my basic setup, and I quite like it. It's just slightly rounded and tries to be somewhat clean in the colour aspect. Scrollbars and sliders light up when the cursor hovers them and such. I've borrowed a lot of inspiration from the standard Oxygen theme, though I tried to make it...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 28 2011

Square Lifestyle - QtCurve

QtCurve by PaLoBo
This is a setup I'm using with my current desktop. Since I like it and it's rather soothing I decided to share. Hope somebody finds it useful. [b][u]Credits[/u][/b] Inspiration comes from weakhead's excelent Lifestyle Suite:...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 08 2011

KDE MS Office OLE Document Thumbnailer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nihui
KDE thumbnailer plugin for Microsoft Office OLE Documents. This plugin should support all ole documents with thumbnails saved, including doc ppt pps xls files. However, most doc and xls documents do not have thumbnail image saved along with document body, you may not see the previews. It...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Feb 23 2012