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Key Lock State

Plasma 5 Applets by moofang
Simple plasmoid that shows the state of Caps Lock and Num Lock. Displays on-panel or on the desktop. Useful for folks with no (or with non-functional) hardware indicators.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Sep 02 2017

Plasma Active Application

Plasma 5 Applets by avlas
Discontinued It doesn't make sense to duplicate efforts. Please use the Window Title Applet, which is better integrated with Latte Dock technology: Plasma Active Application KDE plasma applet to show the active application name. Thought to be used in a...
applet appname extension kde linux panel plasma plasma-5 plasma5 unix widget window
Nov 10 2018


Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Important: [/b]If you do not like or have trouble installing a multisized mouse theme like this one, you can download it as a seven pack mouse themes. You can install the ones you like seven. The address of my package is...
cursor linux unix
Oct 28 2013


Cursors by alexlikerock
troll cursor theme for X11 this are the original creator "Virum64" i just converted to X11
cursor linux unix
Oct 12 2013

Mac OS X Yosemite

QtCurve by yazi78
Theme Yosemite for qtcurve -- Important apply osxyosemite.colors -- How to install: Extract files and search: In system settings/application appearance/widget style: QTCURVE: configure...(import...) search file: Mac OS X Yosemite.qtcurve, open ok. in system settings/workspace...
linux qtcurve theme unix
May 08 2015


Full Icon Themes by tad1073
This icon theme depends on Gnome-Brave and MyElementary which are included. All credits go to: Muko and Magog64
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 08 2013


Full Icon Themes by samuaz
this its a sticker icon pack for kde all credits to David Lanham the creator of this nice icons made for mac osx i only make a pack for it to use with kde and also i add other icons with the same style for complete the missing icons, more than 1500 icons, but there...
icon-theme linux unix
May 30 2013


Cursors by herrbatka
This is X11 cursor theme. It is based on my RED cursor but it's white and a lot better. I wanted to make something that will be suitable for a daily use but won't be just another cursor that will be worse version of DMZ anyway. As a resoult the cursor is tilled strongly to the right, there is...
cursor linux unix
Apr 28 2013

Aqua (Liquid & Flat)

QtCurve by fapasv
Tema simple para qtCurve, buscando un equilibrio entre los temas clasicos de KDE y los temas parecidos a OS X. ------------- Descromprime y luego exporta,Deberás tener qtCurve instalado. _____________________________________ Simple theme for QtCurve, seeking a balance between the classic ...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 23 2015

Sleek & Simple deKorator

deKorator Themes by Ace2016
This dekorator theme was originally based on skulpture, it was later modified to this deco with new buttons and a different frame. The Shadow effect seen in the screenshots is the result of using dekorator with compiz-fusion (kde4-window-decorator) (S7S was chosen for the theme filename since...
linux unix
Apr 21 2009