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Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
Color scheme for Pitch-Black plasma theme. I am in the process of posting an entire theme with everything from look-and-feel to GTK theme to match. This a entriely new theme compared to what it was. Nearly every color has been changed for better looking theme. The Plasma theme that matches now...
colorscheme kde kdeplasma linux plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jun 03 2019

Pitch Black

Global Themes by freefreeno
Look and feel theme with Pitch Black colors,Plasma theme and Aurorae theme. I have this set up to use the Pitch Black Aurorae theme but honestly I prefer the Breeze window decorations with it as I do most themes but I know some people like others so i made it this way. If you like to use breeze...
kde kdeplasma linux look-and-feel looknfeel plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jun 03 2019