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Plasma Deck

Global Themes by x-varlesh-x
Steam Deck UI. This theme contained: - Aurorae decoration theme - Plasma theme - Icon theme - Color scheme - Animated splash (with sound) - Wallpaper
dark deck gaming kde linux look-and-feel plasma steam steamdeck theme unix
May 30 2022

Resource KDE Plasma Monterey

Tutorials and Scripts by lsteam
This is a file contain resources that I use for customizing KDE Plasma look like MacOS Monterey on this video :
kde linux monterey plasma tutorial unix
Jan 19 2022

Harmony Global Theme

Global Themes by yeyushengfan258
Harmony kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository you'll find: Aurorae Themes Kvantum Themes Plasma Color Schemes Plasma Desktop Themes Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings ------------------------------ [b]Harmony Sddm...
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Jan 05 2022

Nordic KDE

Plasma Color Schemes by eliverlara
Nordic is a dark theme created using the awesome [url=]Nord[/url] color palette. Suggested settings: [url=] Nordic look-and-feel theme [/url] [url=] Nordic Plasma theme...
colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Oct 28 2021

Arch round

Global Themes by rkstrdee
Install Lightly and Lightly shaders before installing this theme to get this exact look shown in the image. To get more customizability with rounded...
arch kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Jul 25 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by grtcdr
A light, calm and champagne-like KDE Plasma colorscheme. This colorscheme complements the aesthetically pleasing Breeze Light theme by giving it a Linen-like vibe through slightly calmer and more subtle colors. If you like it, please star the project over on GitHub.
breeze colorscheme kde light linux plasma theme unix
Jun 15 2021

Plasma 5 Manjaro Splashscreen White Blur

Plasma Splashscreens by lion-d-gem-heart
Plasma 5 Splashscreen with small Manjaro Logo. Simple and elegant. Blurred background image of a clouded sunset. Based on
kde kde5 ksplash linux manjaro plasma plasma-5 splash splashscreen theme unix
Jun 29 2021

Arch Space

Plasma Splashscreens by yanekyuk
This is an elegant KDE splash screen for Arch Linux ### INSTALLATION Just extract
kde linux plasma plasma-5 splashscreen theme unix
Mar 14 2018

Old Plastic

Plasma Window Decorations by bunnymnemonic
Classic / retro non-flat Aurorae theme that is easy on the eyes. Slightly skeumorphic, imitates the old plastic color of various computers and other gadgets. Goes well with Old Plastic Color Scheme and Old Plastic Plasma theme. The theme is presented with the default widget style...
easy kde linux non-flat plasma plastic retro theme unix
May 07 2021

Crypto Tracker

Plasma 5 Applets by marcinorlowski
Plasma/KDE multi crypto currency price tracker widget, with support for multiple exchanges and currency pairs (365 pairs so far) >---->>>> PLEASE use to request new features or report any bugs. If you do not have account yet, just sign up for free (you do...
bitcoin crypto exchange extension kde linux monitoring plasma plasma-5 unix widget
May 29 2021