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Breeze [light titlebar]

Plasma Color Schemes by lebill
The default Breeze theme with title-bar colors from Breeze Light.
colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 05 2021

Velvet Plum / Willow

Plasma Color Schemes by memory-colors
Felt like a light version of this theme was needed. Based loosely on Nord and Papirus color palettes, meant for bright environments. Pictured with Nordic Round global and Papirus Yaru icon themes, opacity / blur set @ ~80%, Open Sans Light font. Adapt and share as you wish!
air colorscheme kde light linux nord papirus pastel plasma theme unix
Dec 27 2021

lmms 1.1.3

Plasma Color Schemes by goines
A color scheme based on Linux MultiMedia Studio's color, lmms 1.1.3 default theme.
color colorscheme kde kubuntu linux lmms plasma scheme theme unix
May 27 2019

Breeze Twilight Unofficial

Plasma Color Schemes by paesche
Unofficial better looking Breeze Twilight Colors. (Inactive windows fix)
breeze colorscheme kde linux plasma theme twilight unix
Apr 30 2021

Breeze Dark Green

Plasma Color Schemes by lreynolds
Darker Breeze theme with green highlights instead of blue
breeze colorscheme dark green kde linux plasma theme unix
Apr 10 2021

Dark Blue Horizon

Plasma Color Schemes by flatus
Based on Dark Obsidian with improved Contrast and more Blue
color colorscheme kde kdeplasma linux plasma scheme theme unix
Mar 18 2021

Sleek and Futuristic

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
You don't have to be neon blue/pink to look cyberpunk. :-)
breeze colorscheme cyberpunk dark gold green kde linux plasma theme unix
Jul 02 2020

Blue Orange Contrast

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
This is a new iteration of my previous Blue Orange In this version there's more contrast and I avoided color inversions (except in konsole): text background is always light and text foreground is always dark.
blue breeze colorscheme contrast kde linux orange plasma theme unix
Jun 05 2020

Fading To Black

Plasma Color Schemes by cant-get-right
Dark but not quite black. This is a modification of the blackstone-oxygen theme.
black colorscheme dark gray kde linux plasma steam theme unix
Dec 03 2019

TERRA 1 Plasma Color Scheme Dark.

Plasma Color Schemes by charlie-henson
TERRA 1 Plasma Color Scheme. A well colored and matched darker theme with soft hovers. Not without it's flaws I am sure of this as it's my third scheme built. The idea was to match the wallpaper in the background and this is how I chose my colors. Built from Breeze dark with no other themes...
color colorscheme dark kde linux plasma scheme theme unix
Oct 08 2019