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Cinereus - Dark/pink theme

Plasma Color Schemes by azarilh
A deep dark theme with secondary colors pink. There is an alternative with pink title bar. Red version: Blue version: Green version: Pink folders icons Breeze style:...
dark deep-dark contrast colorscheme theme unix linux kde plasma pink
Oct 19 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by lynxano
a light colour theme for the plasma desktop, using various reds and oranges as accents, and with some other pastel colours its version 1.0.6 bcus i recently renovated and lightly adjusted some things, then also made a much smaller adjustment to make some things more readable. ive been using...
colorscheme linux plasma pastel pink kde light theme unix
Oct 21 2020

Breeze Dark - Pink Colour Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by azarilh
A darker theme than the original Breeze Dark with pink instead of blue. There is an alternative with pink title bar as well. I don't think i'll do other Breeze derivates. Breeze icons with pink folders: Of course the original theme is by the KDE team...
kde pink plasma linux unix theme dark colorscheme breeze
Jan 29 2019