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Solarized Dark/Light for Konsole & Kate

Plasma Color Schemes by hayalci
Solarized is a popular color scheme implemented for various programs. It aims at low contrast-highly readable text and code. It has been tested with color calibrated and miscalibrated displays. This pack contains Solarized Dark and Solarized Light...
linux kde plasma colorscheme theme unix
Apr 16 2012

Dark Obsidian

Plasma Color Schemes by Scias
A much darker version of Obsidian Coast, with less aggressive color highlights. Recommended to use with minimum Contrast. Issues and suggestions are welcome.
linux kde plasma colorscheme theme unix
Jan 31 2012


Plasma Color Schemes by oOSplashOo
Rhum-Raisin, no rhum no raisin, just a dark and pepsy color scheme ! ; ) If you have any suggestion feel free to post a comment. To fix libreoffice issue please use this variable: export env OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde
unix theme plasma kde linux colorscheme
Sep 30 2011

Google+ colors

Plasma Color Schemes by ilpianista
I like the Google+ set of colors, and I'm trying to setup a KDE with the same set. Hope you like this. Suggestions are welcome!
linux kde plasma colorscheme theme unix
Sep 01 2011

Velvet Touch

Plasma Color Schemes by rishabhsrao
Velvet Touch is a KDE color scheme built on top of Obsidian Coast. Add a splash of velvet to your desktop! How to install: 1. Right click the Download link and select Save As... 2. Save the file on your disk. 3. Go to Configure Desktop (Personal Settings) > Application Appearance >...
linux kde plasma colorscheme theme unix
Aug 07 2011


Plasma Color Schemes by Lazykde
The Wonderfull dark color scheme based on Blak White and gray color,great usability
theme unix linux kde plasma colorscheme
Jul 10 2011

Mac-like gray

Plasma Color Schemes by spupy
A color-scheme I'm using. I'm not sure how different it is from the default Oxygen colors, but some people wanted me to share it, so here it is. "Mac-like" is not really the point of the scheme, just the only sensible title I could come up with. INSTALLATION: 1. Go to System Settings ->...
colorscheme unix theme plasma kde linux
Jun 03 2011

Al Tempetia

Plasma Color Schemes by oOSplashOo
A fresh sandy theme based on the oxygen color one but with a focus on yellow and a new impressive gray.
plasma kde linux colorscheme unix theme
May 01 2011

Plumbum Tones

Plasma Color Schemes by YAFU
This dark color scheme combines the typical grays of lead and orange and reddish tones of their oxides. Can be used with any Theme/Style for KDE 4, but is optimized for use with the following QtCurve settings: To get reddish external glare...
colorscheme theme unix kde plasma linux
Jul 31 2010


Plasma Color Schemes by Antholinux
It's a color scheme for KDE 4.x, I did the last version on KDE 4.4.1. It's a black theme which uses sometimes red. You can view a screen in the pictures, and, sorry for my English because i'm French. [b]Updates:[/b] [i]05/08/2009:[/i] Changes of link colors and other...
colorscheme unix theme linux plasma kde
Mar 13 2010