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Orange Blossom colors

Plasma Color Schemes by tsbarnes
Soft pinks and hints of orange. A clean, colorful theme for KDE Plasma 5.
unix theme linux kde plasma pink orange kdeplasma colors colorscheme
Aug 23 2020

Dream Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by gianmarcogg03
The Dream Plasma color scheme for KDE Plasma is characterized by a primary blue color which affects the main components of the Plasma user interface, a secondary light blue color for less important details and a mostly white background.
unix theme plasma kde linux colorscheme dream blue
Jun 03 2020

Gently Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by hawkeye0021
A KDE Plasma theme with the intent of feeling gentle. I want the theme to be easy on the eyes, consistent, and clear. The theme is mostly based off of McMojave. The Plasma theme uses Materia icons with edited colors, and a few icons swapped in from other themes. The icon pack is Dexie-Korla,...
theme unix colorscheme kde plasma linux
Nov 12 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by pieter
Plasma color theme that is fresh and easy to the eye
kde linux plasma unix theme colorscheme
Oct 02 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by davizie
A copy of Honeycomb with a brighter background color. Mixed together Honeycomb and Heritage. Have used it a while and decided to upload it now that Honeycomb is missing in Plasma 5.17 A white, black and yellow color theme.
colorscheme yellow unix theme honey kde plasma orange linux
Oct 19 2019

windows prompt

Plasma Color Schemes by killerjn
windows prompt
unix theme terminal colorscheme gris plasma prompt negro linux kde
Feb 25 2019

wine color

Plasma Color Schemes by killerjn
esquema color vino para kde
unix theme colorscheme linux kde plasma
Dec 26 2017

Breeze Lucky

Plasma Color Schemes by crazyfox-ua
Motivated by LuckyEyes, but with love to Breeze. Not too bright, not too dark, not too contrast - your eyes may be thankful to this scheme. Enjoy, hopefully it will be good enough for daily use :)
kde linux plasma breeze colorscheme eyes friendly unix theme
Apr 18 2018

Jomada-Style color-schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by jomada
Jomada-Style color-schemes for plasma 5. Complement to the plasma theme Jomada-Style Install: copy the file JomadaStyle.colors in home/.local/share/color-schemes or install from System Preferences -- Color -- get new scheme
colorscheme unix theme linux plasma kde
Aug 03 2017

Optimal [Eliminate Eyestrain]

Plasma Color Schemes by Sweyn78
I created this colour theme in an attempt to minimize or at least reduce eyestrain. I took the following principles to heart while designing: * Brighter things are more noticeable than darker things * More saturated things are more noticeable than less saturated things at the same...
colorscheme theme unix linux plasma kde
Nov 26 2013