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Graph Conky

Conky by autocrosser1
Graph Conky. Easy to modify 410X1080 pixel conky with one lua script. No special fonts this time uses Freesans. Everything to run includes, images files (change the Distro logo at the top), startup script & conky---just drop it in your user folder, chmod the startup script & enjoy!!! Thank You...
conky extension linux unix
Sep 15 2019

Conky Grey-Black

Conky by autocrosser1
Was just playing with Lua last night and came up with this--setup for Gnome3 and 4 CPUs. Feel free to mod this to your liking--change it if you want--just credit me if you use some of it. Edit: Just changed things up a bit & added graphs for 6 CPU. Includes scripts & needed font...just drop...
linux unix conky extension
Sep 07 2019

TextDateTime Screenlet

Conky by momokatte
TextDateTime is a Screenlet for Linux that displays the current time and/or date in simple text
unix extension conky linux
Aug 10 2009

Conky Discs

Conky by autocrosser1
Conky Discs is a simple-to-modify conky with enough info to be useful. No Lua scripts-just one custom font (included), one image (included) and the conky file. Works best with dark wallpaper. Modify it any way you want--just credit me if you repost it in any other form. Enjoy and have...
unix linux extension conky
Jun 23 2019

Zrradia Conky

Conky by samiuvic
Lua in Arch Linux install it from yaourt and if you can not install toluapp download it from chakra
extension conky linux unix
Jan 06 2013

Conky-lua 2011 next generation Revised

Conky by Linuxlife4me
Adapted for RHEL6, Scientific Linux 6, CentOS 6, and PUIAS 6 Other changes: Only 3 Dials from LUA: CPU
linux conky extension unix
Mar 04 2012

UI Screen

Conky by Met
video: Resolution: 1920x1080 install: lm-sensors settings: sudo sensors-detect cpufrequtils hddtemp settings: sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp jq curl Install fonts in the ~/Conky/font folder Run: ./conky_start
unix linux kubuntu conky conky-lua extension
Dec 31 2018

Conky 6 CPU Gauges

Conky by autocrosser1
Conky 6 CPU Gauges for Conky 1.10 or higher. Easy to modify 250X1080 pixel conky with one lua script. As usual for my themes, edit as you need for your system (change the mounted filesystems-network connections,etc). Everything to run includes, images files (change the Distro logo at the top),...
linux unix conky extension
Mar 10 2019

Calculator Screenlet

Conky by mousike1981
This is the Mac OS X-like calculator for the Dashboard, which you can use for your FREE Linux
linux extension conky unix
Nov 12 2007


Conky by autocrosser1
Enclosed is the .conkyrc, all fonts used & a conky startup script. modify however you want. will need changes to the filesystems detected & the network connection. This is a "cleanup" -- I'm deleting 1 of 2 accounts on Gnome-Look & putting everything in this account. Have Fun!!!
linux unix conky extension
Dec 30 2018