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Oxygen Remixed Icons

Full Icon Themes by alex-l
Oxygen icons with old Oxygen 4.6 folders plus different MIME types icons. Idea by Cristiano Bergoglio Realized by Alessandro Longo It includes Oxygen folder icons from: and most of MIME types icons come...
unix icon-theme linux
Dec 22 2017

Elementary Sky-Blue

Full Icon Themes by WalentyWalewski
style and OSX-Nostalgie, it can be used also in Linux Mint 13/14/15 and Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 19 2013


Full Icon Themes by linuxfever
unix linux icon-theme
May 10 2014

G-Xiria 3.0

Full Icon Themes by Phlox
Finally. It is here screenshot 1 = preview icons there are 2 packages .tar.bz2 and .deb Comment is welcome , if you vote bad please tell me why . Hope you will enjoy this theme . Greetings Qbashi. Ps:Please report bugs .
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 30 2014


Full Icon Themes by alecive
************************************************ Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to "[email protected]" ************************************************ This is a port of AwOken icon theme on KDE desktop environment. It has all the features provided by...
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 28 2013

Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes by devi710
This is the Faenza-Cupertino icon set for people with dark panels. I wanted the beautiful blue folders in Faenza-Cupertino but with the nice frosted grey panel icons like in the regular Faenza-Dark Icons from: Faenza-Cupertino...
unix icon-theme linux
Nov 28 2011

Neon Icon theme by FRUiT

Full Icon Themes by FRUIT94
Neon Icons is part of the Neon suite by FRUiT. This is the main part of the suite. Based on Jyrik's original artwork [url][/url] Neon suite homepage [url][/url]
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Jun 16 2011

Soviet Icon Theme Repacked

Full Icon Themes by fenrirson
Soviet Icons repacked to fit the KDE4 Icon Theme Scheme Made for Fedora 14, but it will surely fit any KDE 4... Original artwork by Iconcubic on and Please comment
unix linux icon-theme
Feb 12 2011

Grain Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by Untergunter
This is a mini icon set for kde4, it will replace some actions, folders and almost all mimetypes, and it has Faenza ( port for kde4 ) and oxygen as inherits. It comes in 5 different main colors for folders and actions ( blue, marine, green, sand and sugar ) , the mimetypes icons are the same...
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 10 2010

Mono Icons for any Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by 4lwan
Asslam alaykum(Peace be upon you) This is python script for Ubuntu user its make new icon theme contain any Icon theme in your system with Mono Icons for Panel. Tested in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS To use you should Make it executable , click with left mouse button on mono file then click on...
unix icon-theme linux
Nov 06 2010