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System Load Viewer

Plasma 5 Monitoring by kuser
System Load Viewer: A Tiny CPU/RAM/Swap monitor (from plasma <= 5.20)
cpu ram memory swap monitoring linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
May 02 2024

Win7 Show Desktop [Plasma 5]

Plasma 5 Applets by Zren
A fork of the default plasmoid but removes the icon and looks like a flat thin button. Can be configured to minimize all windows instead of "peaking" at the desktop, or to run a command. Scrolling over the button changes the volume, switch desktop, or any other command. [b]Plasma 6:[/b]...
linux unix extension plasma-5 widget kde plasma
May 01 2024

Command Output [Plasma 6]

Plasma 6 Applets by Zren
Simple widget to print output of a command run every __ seconds. [b]Plasma 5:[/b] [url][/url] v12 added experimental Support for Ansi Escape Colors (\033[31mRed), 8-bit colors (\033[38;2;255m), and RGB colors (\033[38;5;255;255;255m). More at...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 30 2024


Plasma 6 Monitoring by driglu4it
A simple plasmoid showing the total CPU usage. Visually made like RunCat. Manual installation: unpacking to /.local/share/plasma/plasmoids. Special thanks to [url=] Nikita Beloglazov[/url] for animated preview!
cpu monitoring plasma plasmoid linux unix extension kde
Apr 28 2024

Panel Transparency Toggle

Plasma 6 Applets by sanjay-kr-xo
A plasma 6 widget to make desktop panel transaprent
transparency plasmoid plasma6 linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 16 2024

Resources Monitor - fork

Plasma 5 Monitoring by orblazer
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM, swap activity, network traffic, GPU activity, Disk activity and CPU/GPU temperature. Looking for plasma 6 ? Please see [url][/url]. [b]NOTE[/b] : This is fork from original plasmoid...
monitoring sensor system linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Apr 15 2024

Smart Video Wallpaper Reborn

Plasma 6 Wallpaper Plugins by luis-bocanegra
Wallpaper plugin to play videos on your desktop/lock screen with, pause with active window, blur, screen off/battery saving and more. Based on fixed and rewritten for plasma 6 [b]Features[/b] [list] [*] Play a single video or slideshow of videos [*]...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 10 2024

PreviewQt Plasmoid

Plasma 6 Applets by luspi
PreviewQt Plasmoid is a companion application to PreviewQt embedding neatly into the panel or the desktop of KDE Plasma. It allows for a easy and fast way to preview a wide range of different files, from images to videos, from documents to archives. Visit the official website of PreviewQt at...
preview images videos documents archives linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 05 2024

plasma icinga

Plasma 6 Applets by kinta
Plasmoid to track services monitored by icinga2 instance from your plasma desktop. It is inspired by first icinga monitor done in but is adapted to plasma 6, and icinga2 . It requires to have an Icinga2 server with its api configured Once dataengine is...
icinga2 monitoring nagios linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 03 2024

Window Buttons Applet for plasma 6 - WIP

Plasma 6 Applets by moodyhunter
Plasma 6 applet, in order to show window buttons in your panels. There's no files to install yet as I'm still learning how to make it automatic, pls go to to compile manually (for now).
plasma6 linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 02 2024