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Night Glass QtCurve Theme

QtCurve by S7relok
Nostalgic of Aero or loving transparency? Here is your stuff ! In order to achieve screenshot result, use it with my NightGlass Red color scheme. Plasma theme is Breeze Transparent. Window Theme is Freeze
linux qtcurve theme unix
Sep 05 2016

Fedora autumn folder

Full Icon Themes by chantrongchien
this is my folder icons only compatible with gnome 3.16. to use,extra file to ~/.icons/ or /usr/share/icons/ to make the system best look,must sure that you already have Numix-Circle icons theme
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 18 2015

Screen Rotate Shortcuts

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by Zecas
This khotkeys shortcut group tries to allow screen rotation like with windows 100 : Ctrl+Alt+ an arrow key rotates directly the active monitor. * Normal : Ctrl+Alt+Up * Rotate Left : Ctrl+Alt+Left * Rotate Right : Ctrl+Alt+Right * Invert : Ctrl+Alt+Down It detects the active monitor and...
extension kde kwin linux plasma plasma-5 shortcut unix xran
Nov 26 2018

UbuntuStudio - Before Dark

Plymouth Themes by FelixHo
copy of the default ubuntustudio plymouth theme/script (and .plymouth file edited to reference the '/beforedark/' folder) but pngs replaced to match the Before Dark wallpaper ( 1. download/unzip/copy folder '/beforedark/' into folder...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
May 02 2017

IaOra style

Application Styles by caig
The original Mandriva's IaOra widget style ported to Qt5 (without KDE dependencies). It includes the original color schemes for KDE (now Plasma) desktop. Window decoration used in the screenshot: [URL=]IaOra[/URL] by...
mandriva linux unix kde plasma theme widget-style
Apr 06 2018

Breeze Papirus Light

Plasma Color Schemes by Sandrone
Breeze light color schemes combined with the colors of @mustafaozhan Papirus folders icons. Put the color-scheme in: ~/.kde/share/apps/color-schemes/ @mustafaozhan's Papirus Icon Theme can be found here:
colors colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 27 2018

Opacity Menu

Kwin Scripts by mgraesslin
Adds a menu to change window's opacity value to the user actions (Alt+F3) menu Requires KDE SC 4.10.
linux unix
Oct 28 2012

Ark Dark for QtCurve

QtCurve by fapasv
Dark theme inspired in Arc for gtk, color scheme inlcuded in gz, windows decoration Karc Dark
linux qtcurve theme unix
May 23 2016

K10 v 1.0 (plasma 5.9)

Various Plasma Theming by fapasv
Esta versiĆ³n esta hecha utilizando los siguientes complementos: Tema de iconos: DamaDamas ( Tema plasma: K10enBlack ( Tema Aurorae: WindowsK10 ( widgets: Win7 Show Desktop ...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 16 2017

Code Lyoko

Cursors by kramlat
You probably have seen my Aurorae theme, well here are some cursors to go with it. Just know that since the Code Lyoko super computer did not have a whole lot of cursors, neither does this one. It merely is meant to be as faithful to the original (and IFSCL) as possible.
cursor linux unix
Jan 20 2015