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Gnome Shell Themes by oberon27
This is a rework of the Adwaita gnome shell theme with a more aggressive use of gradient and transparencies and a different base colour. It looks quite good with this wallpaper by 0asa: You can install it by using the Gnome...
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Oct 05 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by viva
This is my Gnome-Shell 3.12 theme, based on my previous themes with some small tweaks. Required Fonts: Raleway, Open Sans Orange and Blue versions (thanks to DA-user newfyworld2) of this theme are included. If you want to use the Screenshield and Login screen (the last two screens in...
gnome-shell gnome theme unix linux
Apr 18 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by ToniLink
A mix with Adwaita and Frieze. (Only for Gnome 3.10) Screenshots:
gnome-shell gnome unix theme linux
Mar 22 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by MarekP
Glass Default Theme GS 3.8.3
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Aug 23 2013

PinguyOS 12.10 Gnome 3.6 Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by mmesantos1
I moded the gnome-shell theme some, I basically changed the panel to match the Nord panel. Original Theme Moded: GTK3+Gnome Shell - Faience Version 0.5.3 by Tiheum: I am also including the GKT3/GTK2/Metacity theme just like the original theme does. IMPORTANT: needs...
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Dec 18 2012

The Future

Gnome Shell Themes by Kotus
This theme is based on work of malysss and it is highly modification and port of malys - futureGS theme to gnome 3.6 This theme include only standart theme (no transparent version) At first, this was started just as mod of futureGS theme, but now it is a brand new theme Please report if any...
linux gnome gnome-shell theme unix
Nov 13 2012

Adwaita Sky

Gnome Shell Themes by budzynski
Adwaita Gnome Shell Theme perfectly matches the default Gnome 3 Adwaita GTK windows look and provides an eye-pleasing experience. It is fully compatible with Gnome 3.4. The work is based on original GS theme and Adwaita White by Oberon (although his work didnt include Gnome 3.4...
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Sep 07 2012

Gnome Light

Gnome Shell Themes by HRoberto
Gnome-shell theme for version 3.2 Tested on Ubuntu 11.10 --Changes in version 1.1 -change the effect the focus in corner -change the gnome icon label activity -insert a picture in zone of activity --Changes in version 1.2 -adaptation from gnome 3.4.1 --Changes in version 1.3 -fixes
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Jul 28 2012

Real glass

Gnome Shell Themes by Karmicbastler
This is my new version of my real-glass-Gnomeshell-theme. This time it is even more glassy than before with a renewed Overview, even more glassy menues, a new glassy run-dialog, a real glassy chat-window as well as more glassy notification dialogs. You will love this theme!!! This theme also...
gnome-shell gnome theme unix linux
May 18 2012

elementary gnome shell theme

Gnome Shell Themes by golan
I'm working on elementary gnome shell theme... I think it's a middle of the road. Is not yet finished... Your help is needed Thank's Dan Rabbit (url= for his great work, beautiful style!!! comments are welcome! only for gnome 3.4
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May 15 2012