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FS Icons

Full Icon Themes by franksouza183
] ---------------------------- ---------------------------- A new look, smooth and modern, for your Linux workspace. It works in both Gnome as KDE. I'm slowly
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Mar 14 2012

Suru Plus Aspromauros

Full Icon Themes by gusreis1989
[h4]Suru++ Asprómauros[/h4] [b]A Suru++ monochromatic icons theme for users of dark environments[/b] These "aspromautic" or monochromatic icons are based on Suru++ 25 Dark cons of sizes 16, 24 and 32. It is flat, minimalist and designed for users who use dark environment and want ...
dark icon-theme linux suru suru-icons suru-plus unix
Jun 05 2019

Paper Icons

Full Icon Themes by snwh
Paper is a modern freedesktop icon theme whose design is based around the use of bold colours and simple geometric shapes to compose icons. Each icon has been meticulously designed for pixel-perfect viewing. Requests for new icons can be made...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 05 2016

Moka Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by snwh
Moka was created with simplicity in mind. With the use simple geometry & bright colours. Each Moka icon has been designed and optimized at every size to achieve the a pixel-perfect look for your desktop.
icon-theme linux unix
May 28 2016


Full Icon Themes by tsujan
Here are two icon sets with different flavors: (1) nouveGnome is a colorful icon set compatible with most light GTK themes. (2) nouveGnomeGray is a gray icon set made for dark GTK themes. Being mostly hollow and light gray, its icons are designed for use ONLY against sufficiently dark...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 21 2014


Full Icon Themes by acidrums4
[i]Betelgeuse[/i] is the name for a big star from Orion constellation. The intention of this project is to create a complete, modern, clean and eye-candy icon theme for the KDE Desktop Environment. Here aren't all but the more decent icons (I guess). There's a lot of work to do and I dont'...
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 11 2012


Full Icon Themes by snakebite
Faenza-Cupertino icon theme for KDE! Credits:tiheum Faenza icons for gnome (creator of this theme) john007 Faenza-Cupertino icons creator (gnome) half-left Game Icon Pack creator santgio72 a lot work on porting Faenza-icons to kde, mrmars Faenza-Cupertino port, jetpack for his work on...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 04 2011

Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo
Hellow This iconset is NOT an update to 0.9, the 0.9 iconset is now called "Crystal GT" (Good Times), and wont be updated anymore, the "Crystal Project" is a new and better version of the Crystal Icons.
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 15 2007