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NixOS Login Theme-No Blur

SDDM Login Themes by vfosterm
A fork of NixOS login theme - removes Blur Original here - All credits to MARIANARLT for the beautiful theme Installation Install and download with SDDM login manager. (make sure to have sddm-kcm installed) or unzip nixOS folder to...
linux login nixos noblur sddm theme unix
May 01 2018


SDDM Login Themes by Rokin
Wood theme without avatar. This theme use KDE API Reference and probably won't work without KDE Plasma ! Like official Breeze theme, you can edit the file "theme.conf.user" for change the wallpaper. (Installation location : /usr/share/sddm/themes/wood) A blue background is available at...
linux plasma5 rokin sddm theme unix wood
Apr 06 2018