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ALLBLACK 0.5 by larmedina

Full Icon Themes by larmedina
ALLBLACK icon set Version: 0.5.1 (CC) Creative Commons This icon set is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License . Some Rights Reserved by Luis Armando Medina ([email protected]) This work it's based on ALLBLACK icon set V. 04 by...
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 02 2013


Full Icon Themes by paudelanup
A quest for complete single icon theme for both KDE and GNOME. A icon theme loaded with skulls and woods. Few icons are imported from other icon themes for completeness.
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 06 2013

Mylo Xylotheme

Full Icon Themes by dominicbh4
Full Gnome desktop theme based off of Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto Album. This is a development build! Do not expect a bug free experience, we are working on it. Version 1.0 will be a full release. The theme currently includes an icon set, a Conky theme, a font, and a few wallpapers. The plan...
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 29 2012

Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord
Crystal Diamond Icons 2.85: Wonderful, Realistic and complete Theme for your KDE. Last Update: 21/03/2012 - My personal blog: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Diamond is a...
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Mar 20 2012


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
Description: Alpha-1 Icons theme. ::Introduction:: Alfa-1 was originally a windowblinds theme created by MrSkope (Damian Strain) and for his personal use on windows. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got...
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 17 2010

MacUltimate Leopard

Full Icon Themes by RedAcid
Hey! [b][i]MacUltimate Leopard[/i][/b] it's an icon pack that I compiled and improved for myself and decided to share with all the lovers of the Mac design. This icon theme fits smooth with the great Mac4Lin Project. In fact, I didn't like some things from the Mac4Lin Icon Pack, so that...
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Jan 27 2010


Full Icon Themes by greoj
I love redesigning my desktop, but since the Dust theme ( was released as a submission for the new look of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, my search for the perfect desktop beauty has ended. As for icons, I've fell deeply in love with the...
linux icon-theme unix
Nov 23 2008


Full Icon Themes by boskicinek
Hello! This is Flamenco icon theme (formerly known as "Orange Tango BC Edition"). For now it's using the following icons: - Tango Desktop Project icons - Orange Tango from Ubuntu - lots of icons I made, mostly using above icons - gnome-power-manager tango by dcubed20 - tango-common...
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 15 2007