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Faenza Cupertino+Variants

Full Icon Themes by Dans564
Combined the main Faenza project with my two favorite variations of said project. The outcome is one SUPER ICON THEME! :)
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 20 2010

Candy Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by jonian
Candy icon theme is created by Jonian Guveli and Olibia Tsati. After making Erectus icon theme which had quite a success on gnome-look and Jonian's participation in the Humanity icons, we decided to put our effort at the creation of this amazing icon theme. You can visit our Launchpad page...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 19 2010


Full Icon Themes by Scnd101
This theme is entirely color-free, just three shades of grey ;). It's still far from finished, consider it a preview :). Please don't vote it down just because it's missing some icons.
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 03 2009


Full Icon Themes by miga
hace tiempo vengo haciendo una recopilacion de iconos, ademas de crear algunos con partes de otros para crear el primer lanzamiento de OSXmix, un tema de iconos para KDE basado en los ya muy conocidos iconos de MacOSX. Es ideal para usar con el tema Baghira, ademas usa un script extraido del...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 13 2006