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Black Beauty II CD

Cinnamon Themes by BBOSAK2143
First off is there is no white or black text, Is a thing of the past(R.I.P) If you do not like the looks, please find another and do not post childish comments about looks! Took a long time to create so please have respect and appreciate the effort! This theme is similar to Bisoft but is a bit...
cinnamon linux theme unix
Sep 16 2013


Cinnamon Themes by blue-dxca93
The icon theme is the classic 95 theme: If you use the icon theme please vote this icon theme artwork up. Calmira was/is an little programm for win 95 to make it a bit looking like win 95. I've ported most of the look of...
cinnamon linux theme unix
Jun 12 2013

real-glass Cinnamon-Theme

Cinnamon Themes by Karmicbastler
Update: for having the menu-icon of the theme visible in your panel, open your nautilus-filemanager via gksu nautilus and go to your folder /usr/share/cinnamon and there delete the menu-icon in this theme. Then close these folders and run Alt+F2, then type r to reload your...
cinnamon linux theme unix
Feb 14 2012