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xSplash White Rose

XSplash Themes by OrphanShadow
Neat little xSplash theme I put together for my Netbook. Extract this to /usr/share/images/xsplash/ Make sure you back up the original just in case :)
bootscreen xsplash unix linux splashscreen
Dec 29 2009

HeliOS xsplash

XSplash Themes by technoshaun
This xsplash is for the HeliOS Project and Ken Starks. Its part of a Ubuntu respin set I am making for the project. This xsplash shows another animation style for xsplash. The throbber starts at 5 pixels wide and works up to 250 pixels wide. frame 50 is 5 pixels where frame 25 is 250...
xsplash unix bootscreen splashscreen linux
Dec 23 2009

Ubuntu Overwrite xsplash

XSplash Themes by technoshaun
Extremely animated xsplash of the Ubuntu Logo overwriting the Windows Logo. All image source files are included. Copy all files, as root, to /usr/share/images/xsplash, except the tar ball with the source image files.
bootscreen linux splashscreen unix xsplash
Dec 08 2009

Mesh Grill Xsplash

XSplash Themes by Padster
this was my first xsplash, but i used different wallpaper. first version (1st 2 screens): credits: wallpaper: Minimalist Mesh Grill x2 by cb2k logo and throbber:ubuntu default, colourized second version (last screen): credits: wallpaper: Rejilla v00 [200911-17] by GenXod logo and...
splashscreen linux xsplash unix bootscreen
Nov 30 2009

Swipe To Center xsplash

XSplash Themes by technoshaun
Please Note this is not being submitted for the artwork. Its being submitted to help xsplash creators see and learn a new method for xsplash animation. Okay here it goes: I did this xsplash screen by basically going backwards. Using 50 images total for the effect. The base image was 500 x...
unix xsplash bootscreen splashscreen linux
Nov 30 2009


XSplash Themes by GenXod
Xsplash basada en el tema "Xsplash HD" y fondo de pantalla "Colorful" Xsplash based on theme "Xsplash HD" and wallpaper "Colorful" Instalacion/install: 1. sudo nautilus 2. usr/share/images/xsplash 3. crea/make una/a copia/copy del/of original en/in una/a nueva/new carpeta/folder 4....
splashscreen linux bootscreen xsplash unix
Nov 25 2009

transformer 2 xsplash for karmic

XSplash Themes by coyotus
transformers 2 xsplash for ubuntu 9.10 install To install unpack the archive and then open the directory containing the theme you wish to use. Use the command sudo nautilus /usr/share/images/xsplash. Copy all the files from the theme directory to the xsplash directory (Hint: use middle...
bootscreen unix xsplash linux splashscreen
Nov 20 2009


XSplash Themes by GenXod
Hice este xsplash desde cero. Para los engranes utilice blender 2.49b Para el fondo de pantalla y la tira de imagenes utilice Gimp I make this xsplash frome zero. For the gears use Blender 2.49b For the image strip use Gimp Instalacion/install: 1. sudo nautilus 2....
bootscreen unix xsplash linux splashscreen
Nov 19 2009

Prosta Linia - Xsplash

XSplash Themes by Spox5
extract in "/usr/share/images/xsplash" as root
unix xsplash bootscreen linux splashscreen
Nov 17 2009


XSplash Themes by dmnk
This is Xsplash theme based Balanzan wallpaper -- Bisigi project work well in Ubuntu 9.10
linux splashscreen unix xsplash bootscreen
Nov 13 2009