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Monokai-plus-plus with green selections

Plasma Color Schemes by imposeren
Color Scheme similar to one from Sublime-Text: Monokai++ ( This version uses "green" color selection background instead of the original "red". If you want original selection color, then use "sibling" color scheme:...
code colorscheme dark kde linux monokai plasma theme unix
Jun 21 2019

Elementary Dark Theme for Plank

Plank Themes by childishgiant
A theme for plank attempting to emulate Elementary OS's dark theme. To install the theme, download and place the folder in ~/.local/share/plank/themes/
dark dock elementary extension linux plank unix
Mar 08 2019

Breeze Darc Blue

Plasma Color Schemes by tenten8401
A version of the Breeze Dark color scheme with Arc Blue colors instead of the default, if you're a fan of blue I'd recommend it. Try out the Look & Feel Pack!
blue colorscheme dark kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 07 2018