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KDE4 Icon Cache Reset

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Blackcrack
Useful if you change you Icontheme and want reset you cache of icons ! This link it is only a Desktop-file for Kde4 who delete the icon-cache of kde4 open konsole and execute this script and there for can rebuild KDE with the actual Icons a new Cache and let show from there on all Icons...
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Sep 20 2012


QtCurve by rozbarwinek
Just a QtCurve config and color scheme for KDE 4 :) Package include two color schemes + extra more saturated version for laptops :) Looks great with Reluna DeKorator theme by Shirakawasun a
linux qtcurve theme unix
Apr 03 2010

QtCurve - OldSchool

QtCurve by eagle
QtCurve-Theme. Oldschool KDE4-Theme. In opposite to oxygen-theme with lines between menu and toolbar and colored scrollbar. Inspired by Fedoras Theme "Nodoka Squared". style. qtcurve kwin: qtcurve plasma: atelier color-theme: oxygene wallpaper: atra dot blue Let me know if you...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Aug 01 2009

KDE 4 Theme - Oxygen (Reversed)

Plasma Color Schemes by juanmabctop
Based on Oxygen, but blacky.
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Jan 11 2013

Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro
Remixed version of the Gaia 09 theme, an eco-friendly theme for Plasma. Created for the Gaia Project ([url][/url]) to increase environmental awareness. Many wallpapers as well as themes/skins for Mac & Windows can be found on the website. [b]Gaia Recycled Window Decoration...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 26 2010


Plasma Window Decorations by gjulian
Inspired by Mac styles. Theme for Aurorae. Based on Cupertino theme.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 21 2009

Small NVIDIA Sensor Theme

Plasma 4 Extensions by laudivan
A small sensor for Nvidia cards based on Nvidia Sensors Monitor ( and nvidia video card temp monitor ( themes. Depends on...
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Jun 24 2009