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Plasma 4 Extensions by csslayer
This is just for akonadi hater. KDE default time-related widget (contains calendar widget) will start akonadi, no matter you use kdepim or not. Seems there is no such a simple widget that simply support display date and time. Written in QML Requires KDE >= 4.7, because...
unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension
Jun 22 2011

Simple NVidia Info

Plasma 4 Extensions by patkoscsaba
This is my first program in Python and I wrote this plasmoid because I did not want to install superkaramba for a NVidia temperature monitor. This plasmoid is just a few "nvidia-setting --bla-bla-bla | grep bla". It displays card model, opengl and driver versions, video memory and cuda cores,...
kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension unix widget
May 08 2011