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Simply Circles

Plasma Themes by ju1464
Simply Circles Kde Plasma theme. [b]Information:[/b] [b]Support KDE colorscheme.[/b] These are part of the KDE Plasma Simply Circles Desktops. [list] [*][url=]Simply Circles[/url] [*][url=]Simply Circles...
circles kde linux plasma theme unix
Feb 01 2020

Adwaita Dark KDE Plasma themes

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
Plasma themes based on the popular GTK theme Adwaita Dark The screenshots will seem blurry unless you click them and enlarge to get a better view of the theme. The theme with the name Adwaita Dark KDE transparent is more transparent than the the other. The normal Adwaita-KDE-Dark theme has...
adwaita kde linux plasma theme unix
Nov 09 2019

[deprecated] Genome Minimal Dark

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Deprecated, see the [url=]new project[/url] Vanilla: Breeze Dark with new tray and task icons Classic: Slightly adjusted Breeze that's easier on the eyes Ultra: A lively redesigned Breeze with colored accents on selections A modified version of Breeze Dark...
breeze dark dark-theme kde kdeplasma linux minimal plasma theme unix
Dec 12 2019


Plasma Themes by freefreeno
Paramount Plasma theme is a transparent theme made to match the Paramount color schemes. I use force blur for my transparency and it can be found here: &a tutorial for enabling it can be found here:...
kde kdeplasma linux plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jun 06 2019


Plasma Themes by freefreeno
Dark Plasma theme to match the Pitch Black Plasma color scheme with transparency and blur . There is an entire look-and-feel,color scheme,window decorations and GTK themes to match this. The color scheme is here: I will add the other location after I have...
kde kdeplasma linux plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jun 03 2019

Breeze Dark Classic - 5.4 look

Plasma Themes by mck182
***This shouldn't require Breeze-classic first anymore Many people requested the look of Plasma 5.4 be brought back instead of the new 5.5 one. So this is the theme that was shipped with Plasma 5.4, you can install it along with the Plasma 5.5 theme.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 01 2015


Plasma Themes by Bartonuk186
OsX like panel and plasma theme.
kde linux plasma theme unix
May 04 2014


Plasma Themes by novodereshkin
Darkish. Especially for animators, digital artists, and developers. Based on Produkt. Colors
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 30 2014

nowardev 2 Transparent Dark wall paper

Plasma Themes by nowardev
it should work fine with and without desktop effects It's my old plasma theme nowardev with a fix it's designed to be readble with dark wallpaper expecially for shelf widget
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 02 2013

Gaia Xmas

Plasma Themes by janet
I'm releasing this KDE4 plasma theme although it obviously contains bugs. That's mainly because I need help with it, I'm not familiar with editing SVG images. Please take a look at the screenshot: There's a glitch at the menu top where the bubble with the Santa's hat is. I cannot find where...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 27 2010