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(windows8 Style) 0.1 Sigma metro

Full Icon Themes by jmsoviet
Extract content in /usr/share/icons thank you for the first 7000 downloads!! If you liked this, please Give us one dollar Thak you for download :) Special thanks to for including this in your list of repositories
icon-theme linux unix
May 05 2015

OlliFri Icon Set Blue Folder

Full Icon Themes by OlliFri
Icon set for KDE Gnome Xfce Lxqt and many other Distris. The icon set can used for all desktops. Works under Qt4, Qt5 Gtk2, Gtk3. It is a mix of Steampunk, Oxygen and its own icons. Unzip the downloaded file and place the two folders with root rights in the folder /usr/share/icons/ Under...
blue full gtk icon-theme icontheme kde linux unix
Jan 13 2018

Evolvere Icon theme [DUPLICATE]

Full Icon Themes by franksouza183
[b]Duplicate product due to migration to new OpenDesktop's platform. Original here:[/b]
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 02 2014

Skull Icon Theme (Almost Complete)

Full Icon Themes by paudelanup
Minimal Skull Icon Set. As far as possible the icons are reasonable. With updates might come Extra and Symbolic in later days. Installation: Open terminal where download file is located and type: For Minimal sudo dpkg -i skull-icon-theme_0.0.2_all.deb For Extra sudo dpkg -i...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 26 2013


Full Icon Themes by dmiranda2
This is a compilation of some of the best Faenza/Faience icons. (made and or inspired by ~tiheum) with some Mac like folders and devices. Made for Gnome Shell 3.6 Features: *Some of the best Faience and Faenza icons; *Icons for kde apps; *A lot of others Faenza like icons; *Mac...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 30 2012


Full Icon Themes by lonerocker
This is just the expanded version of Rodent, the former default icon theme for XFCE. Open for requests. weather icons by juice Extract in /home/_user_/.kde/share/icons/
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 02 2011

Mint-X-Faenza Folders (Mint-X-F)

Full Icon Themes by john007
Recoloured version the original Faenza folders ([url][/url]). I also recoloured the desktop icon and the network folder icon to match the folder colours. This version is more vibrant than my Fanza-Mint version...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 20 2010

Faenza for Amule

Full Icon Themes by stribianese91
Hi! This is an icon theme for integrating amule in a desktop with Faenza icons. I usually do not use Amule, but people that use it and the Faenza icons maybe want have Amule more integrated in the desktop Put the file zip (do not unrar!) in /usr/share/amule/skins/ folder
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 05 2010

iZ3 Elite

Full Icon Themes by Naf71
I packed these great icon theme for gnome, originally a windowblinds theme created by Mr AzizNatour for his personal use on windows and after trying for a few days, I decided to share with all fans of gnome, hoping to have...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 09 2010


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
Slyd Icons theme. ::Introduction:: Slyd Icons was originally a windowblinds theme created by Mr AzizNatour for his personal use on windows. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got permission from Mr...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 24 2010