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Pitch Black Blurred

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
This is a flat dark transparent plasma theme meant to be used with the Pitch Black Blurred color scheme. I use force blur to achieve the Blur effect I can be found here: Wiki on how to achieve this effect is...
kde kdeplasma linux plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jun 04 2019


Plasma Splashscreens by adhe
Quarks light splashscreen for plasma
kde linux plasma plasma-5 splash splashscreen theme unix
May 07 2019


KDE 4 Splashscreens by caig
This is a theme in two versions done to be consistent with this KDM theme It has a little central loading animation. The first and the second screenshot are about the symmetric version in two different moments, the third one is...
kde linux plasma plasma-4 splashscreen theme unix
Apr 12 2018

Full Notifications KDE 5 Applet

Plasma 5 Monitoring by intika
# KDE Full Notifications Applet: fork from KDE 5.8/5.12 Notification (org.kde.plasma.notifications) # Donation: Any donations are welcome to: paypal: [email protected] thanks a lot # Features : - Original kde notification features plus : - Display unlimited notifications number...
extension kde linux monitoring plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Jun 19 2018

Adapta KDE

Plasma Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
Adapta KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras. Breeze engine not support!!! USE THIS CUSTOMIZATION WITH KVANTUM ENGINE:
colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Sep 25 2017

Starcraft KDE

Plasma Themes by Rokin
[b]Starcraft[/b] - KDE Plasma. For better looking please use this theme with [URL=][b]Kvantum engine[/b][/URL]. [i](Kvantum is an SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5, KDE and LXQt, with an emphasis on elegance, usability and...
game kde kvantum linux plasma rokin starcraft theme unix
May 01 2018