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GTK3/4 Themes by SunStroke
Mist like theme for gtk2/3 with colors from Redmond theme. gtk2 theme uses Mist engine. gtk3 theme uses default gtk3 engine. gtk3.8 theme needed gtk3 version 3.8. gtk3.6 theme needed gtk3 version 3.6. PS. Far from all gtk3 applications were tested (only installed on my system).
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Jul 10 2015


GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten
A flat version of the Dorian-theme. For Gtk-3.16. This is a clean and usable dark theme. [b]INCLUDES[/b] gtk2 and gtk3 themes gnome-shell theme cinnamon-shell theme metacity2 theme chromium theme firefox theme Openbox theme Xfwm4 theme Unity Ubuntu-Software-Center...
linux theme unix gnome
Jun 10 2015


GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten
For Gtk3.14 This is the varNaM theme reworked after several years on the shelf. It is a desaturated blue patterned theme. [b]INCLUDES[/b] [li]Gnome-shell theme[/li] [li]Metacity theme[/li] [li]Openbox3 theme[/li] [li]google Chrome theme[/li] [li]Unity[/li] [li]Ubuntu Software...
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Mar 02 2015


GTK3/4 Themes by beaumorris0184
99% Credit goes to the UI/UX team at Ubuntu for creating the Ambiance theme to being with... The other 1% goes to me for changing the colors (mostly grayed out now), and providing some minor tweaks to the titlebar (smaller buttons, less vertical padding)... Tested on Ubuntu 14.10 with no KNOWN...
gnome linux unix theme
Feb 15 2015

Numix Blue Remix

GTK3/4 Themes by vitalyk
Not compatible with 15.10 as it's forked from older version of Numix. This is a simple remix of the amazing Numix theme ([url][/url]). I really like the flatness and the squareness of Numix, but I also like blue color. All I did with...
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Dec 09 2014


GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten
[b]Delorean-Dark-3.8[/b] is a highly polished glass and metal theme showcased within dramatic contrasts. [b]Delorean-Dark-3.10[/b] is designed to be sleek and less complicated than its previous incarnation. It's unfocused state resembles a pencil sketch, while its focused state sports...
gnome linux unix theme
Aug 19 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by DarkBeastOfPrey
Ambiance-Gnome: Like Ubuntu's Ambiance. Tested with Gnome 3.14 Should also work with Gnome 3.12 If you use the Dash to Dock extension you will get more functionality with this theme, such as focus of the running application. It seems there is a bug in GNOME. So if you want to see...
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Jan 13 2015

nimbus gtk3 version

GTK3/4 Themes by ilar81
This is Nimbus theme ported for GTK3. All needed packages for ubuntu(mint) and fedora is included. Original GTK2 version of Nimbus theme can be download here Metacity3 theme can be download here...
linux theme unix gnome
Jun 23 2014


GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan
NOTE: ====== Unfortunately, after years of Gnome3, even minor updates of GTK+ or Gnome-Shell break themes and waste hours of work. GnomishDark is a clean dark theme for GTK3. It also contains a matching GTK2 theme, that depends on the latest Murrine and Pixmap engines. *** Current...
gnome linux unix theme
May 09 2014


GTK3/4 Themes by amitg
Numix-Darker is a variant of the beautiful Numix theme. All credits goes to the Numix designers. Since gnome 3.8, the notebook widget renders border below the active tab and there is no way to add top margin (almost all popular custom themes have this issue). However, the default adwaita...
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Dec 12 2013