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Workspace-Strap Effect

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by KAnton
This is a KWin Effect that lets you organize your windows on a linear strap, that is bigger than your screen. Using configurable modifier keys, you can easliy move the part of the strap you see. This gives you more space on your Desktop and more freedom in organizing your windows. Requires...
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Oct 25 2014

Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes by santgio72
Port to kde4 of the famous Faenza icon theme by Thieum [url][/url] Thanks to Tiheum for his master crafted icons :) [b]Todo:[/b] match more apps icons missing actions icons replace identical icons with symbolic links to reduce...
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Sep 29 2010


QtCurve by Pyruzan
Well, this one took me quite a while, but it's perfect :D I recommend it to be used with 'plasma-widget-menubar' or 'bespin's xbar' or 'oxygen-appmenu' Tip: System Settings> Workspace Appearance> Window Decoration> Oxygen> Configure Decoration> Fine Tuning> Background Style = Solid...
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Jul 02 2011

Network Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring by clearmartin
Plasmoid for plasma panel. Monitors network speed of currently active connections. REQUIRED DEPENDENCIES - qt5-graphicaleffects - e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects HOW TO INSTALL - Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets - find this...
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Nov 15 2015


Plasma Themes by marcotangaro
!!! NEW 0.9.2 VERSION - NO GLITCHES !!! Elementary inspired plasma theme, with elements of Fushigi, Uniq and Elegance. G-Remix icon theme. All credits to their creators. Features: - Elementary panel. - Dark mini panels. Upper Clear mini panel. ((different panels in widgets directory) -...
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Feb 09 2013

Generic Animations (BeGeneric ;-)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by thomas12777
*** CONTINUED AS "BE::Animated" *** A generic animation effect for kwin. Think of BeDropped on steroids. It allows you to -per window type- combine various animations on - Opacity - Scale - Position - Size - Rotation - Brightness -...
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Jan 30 2012


Plasma Window Decorations by mcder
Xenon version window decorator for aurorae *(0.3) - edit buttons - add new elements *(0.2) new effect on the buttons
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Dec 14 2011


Plasma Themes by naaamo2004
No transparency. Almost monochrome. It is my first complete plasma theme, so please feel free reporting bugs or suggesting improvements. Tray icons are NOT included, i suggest KDE Reflektions Use the install...
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Jun 29 2011

Folder emblems

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jice
[quote] Folder Emblems 0.6 (c) 2010 JCC [url][/url] License: GPL This is a hack to: * add sort of an "emblem" feature to the folders in KDE4. * simulate the "folder.jpg" functionnality of Windows XP (i.e. assign as icon to the directory an image present...
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Nov 22 2010

Tenuto-Light Aurorae theme

Plasma Window Decorations by MrBumpy4096
An Aurorae window decoration designed for use with the Tenuto-Light QtCurve theme ([url][/url]). To install: 1) Make sure you have the Aurorae theme engine installed (users of KDE 4.4 SC or later will have it installed by default). 2) KDE...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 31 2010