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Dokons - Set of icons for the Dock

Icon Sub-Sets by rvc-2011
As the Preview show, these are a set of Selected Apps icons and Folder Icons that we use on day to day basis... created these for my personal use on the dock and felt i ll share it with you guys.... These sets include the raw XCF file so you are free to modifiy, re-disribute in whatever way...
linux iconset unix
Jan 31 2013

Sphere smartphone icons

Icon Sub-Sets by potzblitz7
I made some icons for my new smartphone, based on my Sphere icon Set. I use it with an App changing the icons in homescreen. But you can use them also as normal icons, they are all 256x256 px png format. Enjoy...
unix iconset linux
Nov 25 2012

Mack OSX

Plasma Themes by KDEWorkshop
A theme designed to mimic the Mac OSX style. The panel might be better off at the top of the screen. I am not in any way affiliated with Apple Inc.
theme unix kde linux plasma
May 19 2014


Full Icon Themes by XadhimX
gnome icon with custom folder icon. mixed system icon of Faenza with new folder icon.
unix icon-theme linux
Aug 05 2012

Ambiance Blue

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
It's Blue! Same as the others and maybe not as pretty! Does work great and looks real nice when other colors are there to support it. It does lead me to venture into a new direction and provide some combination type themes. More to come soon. Delay in creation of themes due to learning more of...
linux gnome theme unix
Jul 12 2013

Sphere accu icon Set

Full Icon Themes by potzblitz7
These are the accu icons for my Sphere icon theme... i made it in steps from 0% up to 100% every 10% maybe someone can use this icons... i put them in the scalable/status folder.. enjoy I will put all these icons in the basic icon Set soon...
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 06 2012


KDM4 Themes by imc
Port of the great Asphyxia KDM 3.x theme [url][/url] by Joachim5dem. Original artwork by starweaver ([url][/url]). I flopped the image, as I use it also for my desktop's background, and i like having...
linux unix
Sep 11 2010

Sphere - The Joker

Icon Sub-Sets by potzblitz7
Just another one for the icon theme Sphere. I use it as applications-cardgames.png...
linux iconset unix
Apr 08 2012

3D Crystal

Cursors by tuwulin365
Tumi's 3D Crystal, 从win转过来,会动滴ORZ tell me bug [email protected] 告诉我bug。
unix linux cursor
Dec 11 2011


KDM4 Themes by slnnronur
Pardus 2009 için KDM teması. A KDM theme for Pardus 2009
unix linux
Feb 01 2010