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QtCurve - OldSchool

QtCurve by eagle
QtCurve-Theme. Oldschool KDE4-Theme. In opposite to oxygen-theme with lines between menu and toolbar and colored scrollbar. Inspired by Fedoras Theme "Nodoka Squared". style. qtcurve kwin: qtcurve plasma: atelier color-theme: oxygene wallpaper: atra dot blue Let me know if you...
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Aug 01 2009


GTK2 Themes by CruelAngel
Yes, it's another theme, based on Radiance/Ambiance. But this one is completely recolorable. (The tool-tip color corresponds to the panel and drop down menu colors!) Needs new murrine engine. Recommends the Fain-Human icon set, and the Ubuntu font. If you happen to find some bugs, please...
linux theme unix gnome gtk2
Jan 13 2011


GTK2 Themes by Poseidon-Orlando
Español! Siéntase libre de modificar y compartir! tema con botones redondos y en amarillo oro Probado en ubuntu 10.04 Incluye: Crystal-Gold GTK theme CrystalGold-Mac 1.0 emerald theme Cursores Crystalcursors Requiere: Gtk2-engines-murrine Iconos Faenza Wolfe, h...
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Jan 09 2011

Super Mint

GTK2 Themes by Litrigol
unix theme linux gtk2 gnome
Jan 02 2011


GTK2 Themes by enthdegree
heavily modified version of Dyne by Lyrae which I do not consider mature enough for release. It is supposed to stay out of your way, be small, color neutral but most of all fast. Any control that does not need to be there is removed. It is currently a GTK theme that uses pixmap but...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Dec 13 2010

Dream Studio GTK and GDM Themes

GTK2 Themes by dickmacinnis
These are the default GTK and GDM themes for Dream Studio ( Included in this package are a light theme, a dark theme, and a medium gray theme. These themes are specifically designed to be devoid of unnecessary color, which makes them perfectly suited to those who want to...
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Dec 04 2010

Japred Blue

GTK2 Themes by crazysoilder
Japred-Blue is simple blue theme /** User mode install **/ $ chmod a+x INSTALL $ ./INSTALL /** Root mode install **/ $ su # chmod a+x INSTALL # ./INSTALL *Set metacity align left: $ gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string...
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Nov 21 2010


GTK2 Themes by miller4824
This theme is a modified version of elementary EM by weakhead ( I re-colored the theme to resemble Elegant Gnome, though the background colors are a little lighter and the selection highlight is a bit brighter. I also...
theme unix linux gnome gtk2
Nov 16 2010

QflashingLights (GTK)

GTK2 Themes by Invetero
[b]QflashingLights[/b] (GTK) is a dark theme that's not too dark, designed to go well with the QflashingLights Metacity theme. It's designed to be shiny, polished, and have that eggplant/steel blue tint. Much of the work is simply modifications on [b][i]qDrk by Luxie Rayku[/i][/b]. [i]Please...
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Oct 21 2010


GTK2 Themes by Lukas87
Ispirato al MacOSX con Scrollbars, pulsanti e menu arancioni. Per visualizzare in modo corretto il tema aprire il terminale e digitare il seguente codice: sudo ln -s ~/.themes/ /root Inspired to MacOSX with scrollbars, buttons and menus orange. To visualize the themes...
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Oct 12 2010