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Colloid dark plasma theme

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice
Colloid theme for KDE Plasma
linux unix theme kde plasma
Mar 18 2024

Tint Dark Chameleon

Plasma Color Schemes by bradfordr
the wallpaper or manually set the accent color. Have fun with Linux.
ccolorful color-scheme kde-plasma linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Mar 12 2024

Lagtrain gruvbox login splash

Plasma 6 Splashscreens by bermer
A boot splashscreen from this video: recolored to fit the gruvbox theme
kde kdesplash login animation gruvbox linux unix theme plasma
Mar 16 2024

Breeze cursors from Plasma 5

Cursors by nwat1287956453
KDE Plasma 5 default mouse cursors Includes both the dark and the light cursor themes. Extracted from breeze-cursor-theme_5.27.10. Theme modified to show additional "(Plasma 5)" in the name to make it easier to distinguish.
breeze kde kde-plasma plasma-5 cursor linux unix
Mar 15 2024


Plasma 6 Applets by diVinae
Simple pomodoro timer plasmoid (plasma 6 version) Tips: * Use mouse scroll on the timer (or tray icon) to temporarily change the remaining time. * Use the Mouse middle button to start/pause the timer.
deepwork focus plasma6 plasmoid pomodoro linux unix extension kde plasma
Mar 15 2024

Spacer as Pager

Plasma 6 Applets by eatsu
A panel spacer with virtual desktop switching for KDE Plasma. This widget is suitable for people who want to quickly switch between virtual desktops only with mouse, but find [url=]Pager[/url] uncomfortable due to its size (too small or too big) and...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Mar 13 2024

Summaculate Aurorae Plasma 6

Plasma 6 Window Decorations by doncsugar
A macOS style proof-of-concept theme for use with Aurorae Theme Engine. "No side borders" is recommended. Light/Dark and Blur/Opaque variants included. It is recommended to use Blur with its Kvantum theme [url=]here[/url]. To enable Blur if Kvantum does not...
dark light macos linux unix theme kde plasma
Mar 13 2024

AlphaBlack Control

Plasma 6 Applets by dhruv8sh
An applet to control the Breeze - AlphaBlack theme by Zren.
linux unix extension kde plasma
Mar 12 2024


Plasma 6 Applets by tubbadu
Behold! The Scriptinator! A simple configurable widget button to run custom commands with the mouse. run commands: - on startup - periodically - when clicked - when scrolled up - when scrolled down - when hovered with the mouse you can change the icon by returning an output formatted like...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Mar 11 2024

KDE Material You Colors

Plasma 5 Applets by luis-bocanegra
Widget for KDE Material You Colors, an automatic color scheme Generator from your wallpaper for the Plasma Desktop, Konsole, pywal. Check for the backend installation instructions. Support for all Wallpaper plugins (color, image,...
material-you color-scheme wallpaper python pywal linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Mar 12 2024