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Die Losungen [Plasma 6]

Plasma 6 Applets by lineinthesand
Biblische Losungen für jeden Tag als KDE Plasma 6 Widget/Plasmoid (Losungen der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine, siehe Quellcode: Display daily bible verses (in German; Old and New Testament, respectively) as drawn by the Herrnhuter B...
bible faith losungen linux unix extension kde plasma
May 26 2024

Temporary Virtual Desktops

KWin Scripts by berlioz-ubiquitus
Fork of original wsdfhjxc's script, adopted to Plasma 6. Changes to the original script: * ( Default) No spare empty desktop - create a new virtual desktop by dragging window in Overview to the "+" area. * UI config option to keep one spare virtual desktop * Improved empty desktops cleanup...
kwinscirpt virtual-desktop linux unix
May 23 2024

Graphite dark plasma theme

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice
Graphite dark plasma theme ---------- kvantum theme: [url][/url]
linux unix theme kde plasma
May 22 2024

Revontuli for KDE Plasma Colorscheme

Plasma Color Schemes by akselmo
My colorscheme that tries to have an uniform luminosity. Check the Revontuli repository for any fitting text editor and other application themes! Contributions are welcome!
dark colorful high-contrast contrast linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
May 15 2024

macOS Cursor White

Cursors by Kaiz
Open source macOS Cursors for `Windows` and `Linux` with _HiDPI Support_ . All macOS cursors
macos apple cursor linux unix
May 05 2024

Lagtrain gruvbox login splash

Plasma 6 Splashscreens by bermer
A boot splashscreen from this video: recolored to fit the gruvbox theme
kde kdesplash login animation gruvbox linux unix theme plasma
May 11 2024

Utterly Sweet Solid Global for Plasma 6

Global Themes (Plasma 6) by himdek
A Solid Global theme for Plasma 6 with rounded edges for UI elements, Beauty Solar icons, a dark bluish color scheme and a reasonable desktop layout with a top panel, dock and a Material You clock widget. [url=""]Click here[/url] for plasma 5 ATTENTION: This is...
linux unix theme kde plasma
May 05 2024

Utterly Nord Light for Plasma 5

Global Themes (Plasma 5) by himdek
A Light Global theme for Plasma 5 with transparency, blur, rounded edges for UI elements, Tela Circle Nord icons, Nord Color Palette and inspired wallpaper and a reasonable desktop layout with a top panel, dock and a Material You clock widget. [url=""]Click...
linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
May 04 2024

DMZ for Linux

Cursors by dcppdp
DMZ for Linux
cursor linux unix
Mar 16 2023

Panel Transparency Button [Unofficial Plasma 6 port]

Plasma 6 Applets by esmperiod
This is an applet for Plasma 6 that allows you to toggle the transparency of panels. This was ported from the original Plasma 5 applet by psifidotos, who appears to be inactive. You can find the original applet this is based on here: To use, add the button widget...
panel transparency transparent plasma invisible linux unix extension kde
May 02 2024