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Sardi Ghost Flexible Archway

Full Icon Themes by Buelligan
A customized set of Sardi Ghost Flexible icons customized to compliment my Archway theme.
archway icon-theme linux unix
Nov 26 2018

Mirage Breeze Dark

Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
Gradient icons made from the Breeze Dark icon theme. I downloaded the very latest edition so these icons would be up to date. Click on the screenshots to enlarge and the blurriness will go away and you can see much clearer. I am working the the update for the Mirage KDE theme but I wanted...
gradient icon-theme kde kdeplasma linux mirage plasma unix
Oct 02 2019

Deepin SEA icon theme - DISCONTINUED

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
****** This theme is DISCONTINUED BUT a new versions of this theme is available on [URL=]Deepin Icons Collection[/URL] ******
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 24 2018

MyMint Elementary

Full Icon Themes by Magog64
An own mix of Mint-like and elementary-OS-like icons for Cinnamon and elementary OS
cinnamon elementary eos icon-theme linux mint unix
Mar 29 2019

Lagoon Dark Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by charlie-henson
Lagoon Dark Plasma Color Scheme, built upon the original Lagoon and Breeze. A wonderful dark variant of Lagoon that is easy on the eyes and really brings new life to your desktop. The lighter version can be found here: Big thanks and shout out to supporting...
color colorscheme kde linux plasma scheme theme unix
Apr 17 2019

Soft Glass

Plasma Color Schemes by phob1an
Monochrome colorscheme which is part of the Soft Glass look-and-feel package. Obviously, change the red highlight to whatever you prefer.
colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Oct 15 2018


Plasma Color Schemes by thepseudo
I used to enjoy Windows 7's colors. It was all so blue and azure, and I really miss it on latest upgrades. I also miss it on KDE, and their similarities and beautiful design made me wonder: would it be good having a theme color like Windows 7 on KDE? You will decide. Also, since I'm a...
azure blue colorscheme kde light linux plasma theme unix windows7
Jun 20 2019

Wayward Dark Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by charlie-henson
Wayward Dark Plasma Color Scheme, easy on the eyes. Konsole Color Scheme can be found here: Big thanks and shout out to supporting creators and tech support :) FreeFreeno l4K1...
color colorscheme kde linux plasma schemes theme unix wayward
Apr 21 2019


Plasma Themes by jomada
Jomada-Style is a Plasma theme light, with edges of gray tone with some degree of transparency and a blue line item view.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 14 2018

EQ Ambience dark

Plasma Themes by eQuilibrium
EQ Ambience dark Plasma desktop theme
desktop kde linux plasma theme unix
May 26 2018