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Mac Cheetah Plasma

Plasma Themes by drgordbord
This is a port of the OSX Cheetah top bar for KDE Plasma
aqua cheetah kde linux macosx osx plasma theme unix
Jan 18 2022

LyraB Global Theme

Global Themes by yeyushengfan258
LyraB kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository you'll find: Aurorae Themes Kvantum Themes Plasma Color Schemes Plasma Desktop Themes Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings ------------------------------ [b]LyraB-dark Plasma...
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Dec 30 2021


Plasma Window Decorations by paulmcauley
A better binary version of this window decoration is also available at: [url][/url]. This has better performance, inherits system titlebar colours properly and has an Application Style as well as a Window Decoration so that icons in dockable panels match the...
cde classic kde kde1 kite linux motif plasma theme unix
Dec 27 2021

PurE Plasma Style

Plasma Themes by skylake118
// What is the PurE KDE theme? // PurE is a customizations series for the KDE Plasma 5 desktop. It aims to give Plasma users a new, modern, and visually attractive experience while still being useful for daily use. Inspired by a certain futuristic videogame (the namesake of this theme), this...
kde kdeneon linux plasma plasma5 theme unix unixporn
Nov 24 2021

PurE Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by skylake118
// Contents // Here is the color scheme for KDE Plasma, intended to be used with the rest of the PurE KDE theme. ** IMPORTANT ** // Dependencies //: Lightly App and Window style: This color scheme includes an experimental transparency setting which is used by the Lightly App and Window Style....
colorscheme kde linux plasma plasma5 theme unix unixporn
Nov 16 2021

Alpaca Clock and Weather

Plasma 5 Clocks by eduardoforca
[b]Beautiful time and weather widget[/b] Alpaca Clock and Weather is a Plasma Widget (Plasmoid) that shows date/time information as well as weather data in a pleasant manner. It is loosely based upon Antares - Conky Theme by Khiky-Merveilles. Datetime info is taken from the system and...
clock date extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 plasmoid time unix weather widget
Dec 18 2021

Resource KDE Plasma Fluent

Tutorials and Scripts by lsteam
This is a file contain resources that I use for customizing KDE plasma with Fluent theme theme on this video :
conky fonts linux panel plasma tutorial unix
Nov 10 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by super-vik1
Dark color scheme for Lightly Qt theme with blur effects, dark background, rounded corners and more. To display this color scheme correctly, you must have Lightly Qt Style installed: 1. Install depends: Arch: sudo pacman -S cmake extra-cmake-modules kdecoration qt5-declarative...
colors colorscheme darkly kde kdeplasma lightly linux plasma schemes theme unix
Nov 27 2021

Expose Blue

Global Themes by phob1an
Something borrowed, something blue. Kvantum here:
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Oct 26 2021

Breeze Light Flat

Plasma Themes by ariasuni
/p/1215690/ There is also a AUR (Arch Linux) package:
kde linux plasma theme unix
May 12 2020