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Full Icon Themes by gute
Classic icons for GNOME/MATE based on Windows 95. This new version was developed for the MATE desktop, so more icons will be changed in MATE than in GNOME. This will be the last release in a while. It is still incomplete, but a large improvement over previous versions. Looks very good with...
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Jul 26 2017

Latte Spacer

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos
Plasma 5 applet that acts as a spacer between applets. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels. [b]Features:[/b] * Length option can support three different modes: -- based on pixels -- based on panel thickness -- use Latte current icon size ...
extension kde latter linux plasma plasma-5 spacer unix widget
Jul 12 2019


Plasma Themes by staffck1
Transparent theme for KDE 5.1x P.S. Council to install:    - "Diamond 2.0", Aurorae Theme: If you like my work support me in the development of Diamond, please press a like or the "Pling me" button to make a donation or you can do it di...
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Jan 19 2019

Monolit icon theme

Full Icon Themes by Mo-no
***News*** 20/06/2016, officially end. Source files, scripts and images are lost years ago. ;o) => No further updates :'( , 0.4.1 is last. Now only fix broken download link (sorry, my faul), and... time to start something new. :) *** Monolit icon theme - 0.4.1 version. This...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 20 2016

Oxygen Original Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by alex-l
Porting to Plasma 5 of original Oxygen theme with *colored* icons in the systray. The DEB package depends by this one:
linux unix kde plasma theme
Dec 22 2017

Buuf mix by my

Full Icon Themes by sebakx
Tested and made in KDE 4.13.3, Gimp, Phatch & Gwenview.
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 29 2015

Crypto Currency Price Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets by spmdrd
This is a Plasma applet that shows the current price of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from user definable exchanges and JSON keys.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Mar 12 2018

MX Theme

Plasma Themes by overhaulin23
/////////////// IMPORTANT: //////////////////////////////////////////////////// I just check the theme, there is a conflict between the theme and some configurations of the composer effects. You have to "disable" this options in page configurations effects, as show in the screenshoot. -...
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Mar 28 2017

F-Dark-KDE v.0.2

Full Icon Themes by debianforumru
The adapted icon-theme F-Dark (based on Faenza) for KDE4. Includes all icons for append (and GTK too) from Faenza. UPD: 9.11.2014 Change mirror v.0.2 Icons of directories are changed Icons of some appendices are added
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 08 2014

Mac OSX Enhanced +1Multisized

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Important: [/b]If you do not like or have trouble installing a multisized mouse theme like this one, you can download it as a six pack mouse themes. You can install the ones you like six. The address of my package is...
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Mar 06 2014