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Panel Transparency Toggle

Plasma 6 Applets by sanjay-kr-xo
A plasma 6 widget to make desktop panel transaprent
transparency plasmoid plasma6 linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 16 2024

Vinyl Theme

Application Styles by tosta
This application style is the main part of Vinyl theme, a collection of forks and ports of various pieces of artwork for Qt6 and KDE Plasma 6. To use this, you need to build it by yourself or download a binary from a external repository. The full Vinyl theme is make of various components,...
plasma-6 native application-style linux unix theme kde plasma widget-style
Apr 16 2024

Resources Monitor - fork

Plasma 5 Monitoring by orblazer
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM, swap activity, network traffic, GPU activity, Disk activity and CPU/GPU temperature. Looking for plasma 6 ? Please see [url][/url]. [b]NOTE[/b] : This is fork from original plasmoid...
monitoring sensor system linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Apr 15 2024


Global Themes (Plasma 6) by phob1an
Retro Elegance. A new setting for Oxygen. Required Kvantum theme here: Dark version here:
retro elegant linux unix theme kde plasma
Apr 13 2024


Application Styles by paulmcauley
[url=]Installation instructions for Plasma 6.0[/url] [url=]Installation instructions for Plasma 5.27[/url] Klassy (formerly...
linux unix theme kde plasma widget-style
Apr 12 2024

KDE SC 4 Splash Screen for KDE Plasma 5 and 6

Plasma Splashscreens by harole
Oxygen Icons and Theme by The Oxygen Team This is a recreation of the final version of KDE SC 4's Splash Screen and is meant to look almost one to one with the original. To Install: - Move this folder (me.haroleethan.KDESC4Elarun or me.haroleethan.KDESC4Eos or whatever variation it is) into...
kde kde-4 look-and-feel splashscreen oxygen linux unix theme plasma plasma-5
Apr 14 2024


Global Themes (Plasma 5) by paulmcauley
NB: will not install directly from the "Get New..." button. [url=]Installation instructions for Plasma 5.27[/url] Klassy (formerly ClassiK/ClassikStyles) is a highly customizable binary Window Decoration,...
window decoration linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Apr 12 2024

Breeze Throwback

Plasma Splashscreens by harole
The mix Between Breeze and a Throwback to Oxygen Credits to KDE for the Breeze theme, including the icons and splash screen. Installation: Move this folder (me.haroleethan.BreezeThrowbackLight or me.haroleethan.BreezeThrowbackLight) into /home/$USER/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel (create the...
kde kdesplash breeze breeze-dark plasma5 linux unix theme plasma splashscreen plasma-5
Apr 13 2024


Plasma Window Decorations by paulmcauley
NB: This is a not an Aurorae decoration. It will not install directly within the "Get New Window Decorations..." button. [url=]Installation instructions for Plasma...
klassy classik redmond kite linux unix theme kde plasma
Apr 12 2024

Smart Video Wallpaper Reborn

Plasma 6 Wallpaper Plugins by luis-bocanegra
Wallpaper plugin to play videos on your desktop/lock screen with, pause with active window, blur, screen off/battery saving and more. Based on fixed and rewritten for plasma 6 [b]Features[/b] [list] [*] Play a single video or slideshow of videos [*]...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 10 2024