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EleMint Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by spootonium
I've always liked the bold, graphic simplicity of mrbpensador's Elegant Brit. I think it has aged well, and I find myself coming back to it again and again. For awhile now, I have been tinkering with, and slowly expanding upon various icon themes that were developed for this theme. The goal...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 25 2014

Alkano with background all in one

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]+Alkano background all in one[/b][/i] is one of my Alkano serie. Its a X11 mouse theme multisized by blocks: [li]SMALL BLOCK: 22 Black, 23 Blue, 24 Green, 25 Orange, 26 Red and 27 White. MEDIUM BLOCK: 32 Black, 33 Blue, 34 Green, 35 Orange, 36 Red and 37 White. LARGE BLOCK: 42...
cursor linux unix
Jul 17 2014


Application Styles by DexterMagnific
[b]QSvgStyle[/b] is a themeable SVG style for Qt 5 applications. This package includes: * QSvgStyle style: the application style engine * QSvgThemeBuilder: an application for building theme configuration files * QSvgThemeManager: an application for choosing the current theme and tweaking the...
kde linux plasma qstyle style svg theme unix widget-style
Jul 23 2018

Rezo serie for right handed

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Rezo serie for right handed [/b][/i]: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White. I am offering the full serie for right and left handed, with property multi sized and also as pack for those who don't like or have trouble with mouse themes multi sized. Is a X11 mouse theme multisized to...
cursor linux unix
May 20 2014

Xenon Blue

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Xenon Blue[/b][/i] is a X11 mouse theme multisized to 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. Dedicated to Xfce. This one is a almost fully modification of Starcraft mouse theme for windows. If you want to see the original, go,...
cursor linux unix
May 15 2014

DMZ with Green Color Halo [Multisized]

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Important: [/b]If you do not like or have trouble installing a multisized mouse theme like this one, you can download it as a six pack mouse themes. You can install the ones you like six....
cursor linux unix
Apr 20 2014

Mild For Plasma 5

Plasma Themes by HalfLeft
Mild, a theme for Plasma 5, based on the Windows version by Instructions: Extract the theme to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ or install the theme using the System Settings>Workspace Theme>Desktop Theme. The theme should appear, apply...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 05 2016

KDE CHM Thumbnailer

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by caig
A KDE thumbnail generator for the CHM file format. It depends on CHMlib [url][/url]. Since 0.2.1 release it works with KDE Frameworks 5, for KDE 4 just keep using 0.2 stable release. Tested with a limited set of CHM files. It should work with standard compliant...
chm ebook extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix
Jan 12 2018


Plasma Themes by gentoox
This is a dark plasma theme that is based on numerous different themes. I wish I could give credit where credit is due but I can't.
a dark i'm is kde linux plasma theme themepack. this unix
Sep 28 2018


Cursors by markitos66
This theme has a lot modifications of DMZ theme.The modification idea is to put a background to each DMZ cursors. It's a pack of seven mouse themes, just changing the background color. You never will lose it sight. I changed the left_ptr_watch and watch cursor, and I added animations for them,...
cursor linux unix
Oct 28 2013