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Plasma 4 Extensions by lamda
[b]INTRODUCTION[/b] Miniweb is a Plasma widget that embeds a WebView (a Webkit-based embeded web browser widget). It aims to display a compact webpage, mostly web-based apps like micro-blogging, on your desktop. Because most web apps are too large in size to fit in this tiny window,...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 25 2011

Yasp-Scripted (Systemmonitor) v1.0.8a

Plasma 4 Extensions by finkandreas
Yes, Yet another systemmonitor plasmoid. But still different from the others. The only useful plasmoid systemmonitor i have found was Yasp. The problem with it was that it was not configurable enough. So I came up with the idea, that everyone has its own imaginations of what belongs into a...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 25 2011


KDE 4 Splashscreens by codicem
Eclips-Splash based on my Kstarboard splash. You can use it with: Eclips-Wallpaper at: [url][/url] Eclips-Kdm at: [url][/url] Please leave your comment and vote it.
kde linux plasma plasma-4 splashscreen theme unix
Dec 28 2010