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Adapta KDE

Global Themes by x-varlesh-x
Adapta KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras. RECOMMEND USE THIS CUSTOMIZATION WITH KVANTUM ENGINE:
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Sep 18 2017


Application Styles by skulptor
Skulpture is a GUI style addon for KDE programs. It features a classical three dimensional artwork with shadows and smooth gradients to enhance the visual experience. Skulpture has been designed to be light and easy on eyes; many distracting borders or graphical elements have been removed or...
kde linux plasma theme unix widget-style
Jul 31 2017

Server Status Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets by MakG
Applet for KDE Plasma 5 showing a status of the servers defined by user. Features: - Add as many servers as you want - Customize font size and icons - 4 server checking methods: ping, ping for IPv6 addresses, HTTP 200 OK response, custom command - Automatic update of server status -...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Sep 07 2017

Take a break

Plasma 5 Applets by kdea
Widget (plasmoid) for plasma panel. Shows an icon when it is time to take a break. Problem: Sometimes you don't remember that you have to take a break. And sometimes you remember that you have to take a break, but you don't remember when you took a break last time. Solution: The 'Take a...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Sep 04 2017

Numix Holo

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by Padfoot30
Numix Holo is a flat, slick theme containing: - A GTK+ 2/3 theme - An Xfce window decoration (Xfwm4) theme - An Xfce notification style It's a fork of Numix, but uses Android blue instead of red, hence the name. Note that unlike its parent, Numix Holo is focused only on Xfce. It does not...
linux unix
Oct 27 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by LozanoJack
Apol-EC is an awesome theme only for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (GTK+ 3.10). Is a mix of Elementary OS desing, latest version of OS X (El Capitan) and other personal things. Most featured El Capitan theme!
gnome linux theme unix
Nov 25 2015

G-Xiria 3.0

Full Icon Themes by Phlox
Finally. It is here screenshot 1 = preview icons there are 2 packages .tar.bz2 and .deb Comment is welcome , if you vote bad please tell me why . Hope you will enjoy this theme . Greetings Qbashi. Ps:Please report bugs .
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 30 2014


Cursors by markitos66
I've noticed that this theme has become it a very popular topic, so I decided to make some changes to improve it. I will appreciate any comments about this mouse theme. Now is red and fully animated. I did it a lot of changes to improve it. It has new pointers and animations. This X11 mouse...
cursor linux unix
Mar 06 2014

MCE WinXP Unity theme based on YlmfOS

GTK3/4 Themes by donpedro69
Media Center Edition WinXP Unity theme -------------------------------------- This theme is for Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity intended! Tested with Ubuntu GNOME, and MATE - works. It is mostly possible that it's gonna work with Ubuntu 14.10 I DO NOT like M$ and I never will! I made this theme...
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 08 2015

Hightech Conky theme

Conky by Met
update 1.5 Added new module - slideshow Redesigned weather media player supports DeaDBeef player. The file conky_start rewritten from the media_b media_d Multi-table display. Wmctrl need to install the package. The folders were better transparency of the modules. Update...
conky extension linux unix
Mar 05 2015