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MS True Type core fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons
Many web pages and documents require various MS licensed fonts for proper rendering. MS has allowed the redistribution of their most popular fonts as long as their EULA has been kept with them. This file contains the appropriate EULA and the following fonts: Andale Mono Arial Arial...
linux unix
Dec 29 2004

Free fonts Download script (3218 fonts)

Fonts by schultz-dk
Very simple script to download all the free fonts from There should currently be 3218 Free Fonts...
linux unix
Aug 04 2004

Collection of Bitstream Fonts

Fonts by Sagittarius
If you want to download incredibly-high quality true type fonts, then you may want to check those available on the site: Many Bitstream fonts: - Swiss 721 - Dutch 801 - Zurich ... I presume you can not redistribute these fonts due to some licence...
linux unix
Mar 26 2004