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KDE Plasma Screenshots by bunnymnemonic
LaserBeam custom Aurorae theme & color scheme with Newaita Reborn icon theme.
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Nov 15 2021

My KDE Plasma Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wassimhb
My KDE Plasma desktop using the nordic theme (best theme ever created). For the terminal I'm using the zsh shell, tweaked it by setting up OhMyZsh & PowerLevel10K. For the Code-OSS theme i'm using nord theme and for the font I'm using Monaco font. For the icons I'm using Ult-Plata-Dk-Papirus.
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Sep 14 2020

Minimal and informative design

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enkymarte
This is a minimal design ... The main pieces are: side panel and on the top panel a button (toggle panel button) ( to toggle its visibility.
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May 22 2020


KDE Plasma Screenshots by lorendb
This is my Mac-like setup. I used the McMojave global theme with the Os-Catalina icon pack. I manually set the Plasma style to McMojave as well. I installed Slingscold (from the bionic sources) for my Launchpad alternative and Kpple Menu for my system menu. I also have the Inline Battery widget...
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May 19 2020