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XFCE screenshot

XFCE Screenshots by abysmo
My XFCE desktop. Theme - Qogir-dark, icons - Kora, font - Roboto, Roboto Cond.
xfce-theme xfce4 screenshot linux unix xfce
Oct 17 2021

My XFCE Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by 7viser
This is my XFCE setup. I like clean layouts and dark themes. XFCE is extremely customizable and snappy and I always come back to it. Even though I don't like Windows very much, I do like the clean square lines in the UI. That's why I have used the Windows 10 theme here. Fonts: Roboto Icon...
xfce xfce4 unix screenshot linux desktop
Sep 27 2020

My Xubuntu Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by dominicwatson
My XFCE desktop as of September 2018. Am new to XFCE and have set it up this way with: * 3 fixed panels on top (to center align the clock :)) * Intelligently hiding transparent dock at the bottom with workspace switcher * Kupfer launcher * Simple conky theme from Conky Manager - pinned...
desktop screenshot linux xfce xfce4 unix
Sep 20 2018

XFCE + Arc-theme

XFCE Screenshots by danilosampaio
Desktop: XFCE4 GTK Theme: Arc (x11-themes/arc-theme) Icons: Arc (
linux minimalist screenshot unix xfce xfce4
Apr 25 2018