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Screenshot Tools by damir
Ksnip is a Qt based cross-platform screenshot tool that provides many annotation features for your
screenshot annotation cross-platform
May 25 2021

W10 theme

Gnome Screenshots by kushagrakarira
There were various W10 themes for gnome, i downloaded, merged and modified them. Why ? Its not like i hate windows or love windows, its just that i found linux to be a more suitable and easy to use OS. and now i don't want to look like the hoodie guy with a mask. // I love hoodies I am...
windows windows10 linux debian gnome-dark unix screenshot gnome
Jan 08 2019

CRT Screen emulator

XFCE Screenshots by josvanr
Well actually its just an overlay border on top of your desktop. See 'CRT Screen' project. You can add a transparent border to your desktop, making it look either like - a crt screen (ie glass like bevel) - an old apple UI (rounded corners) - an old terminal with some buttons. (Works...
linux unix screenshot xfce
Oct 04 2018

i3wm - Oxide

Window-Manager Screenshots by dikiaap
A set of i3wm stacks for i3 window manager users and others. [b]Packages:[/b] • i3 • i3blocks • Rofi • Dunst • picom • Vim • Zsh [b]Source code:[/b] [url][/url]
linux unix screenshot window-manager
Feb 17 2018