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More Pixel

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Yaba
Click on the download link to see the full resolution (1920x1200 - I love my laptop ;-) A wallpaper made by the girl friend of a good friend, who owns his own media agency. You can find the wallpaper along with others at [url][/url]. All...
kde screenshot plasma linux unix
Aug 02 2007

Carbon Mac OS X clone

KDE Plasma Screenshots by usergentoo
This is my version of a Mac OS X clone Contains the following window decorations: baghira style: keramik custom color: black icons: mixture of os x, and custom app folders from osx-e top bar is custom made icons kde top bar kxdocker: black shiny theme custom konqueror xmluifile for top...
unix plasma screenshot kde linux
Feb 01 2007

My Blue Slackware

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Anfernee
Slackware Current KDE 3.5.3 Kernel 2.6.17
unix plasma screenshot kde linux
Jun 26 2006

KDE 3.4.2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by pilatus
I was borred so this came out... :-)
unix screenshot kde linux plasma
Jun 08 2006

Mac-Look w/latest Baghira

KDE Plasma Screenshots by gg3po
Baghira's really getting good!
unix screenshot kde linux plasma
Sep 03 2004

KXDocker Example!

KDE Plasma Screenshots by stefano
This is my KXDocker configuration. Icons are found on the net and here.
unix kde plasma linux screenshot
Jun 15 2004

Xinerama desktop/Slicker/Ksmoothdock

KDE Plasma Screenshots by rtsbasic
My day-to-day Slackware 9, KDE3.1 desktop. My taskbar/Kmenu in the middle of the left screen are provided by KSmoothDock, the "cards" on the left and right of the left screen are by Slicker CVS. Style is Alloy, window boarder is obviously an OSX-lookalike (I think the two are very usable...
screenshot kde linux plasma unix
Jul 27 2003