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Retro Grub

GRUB Themes by deck451
Retro grub GRUB theme for Linux Operating Systems: Only tested under Ubuntu 20.04. Below installation instructions are valid at least for Ubuntu 20.04 and should be adapted to your own OS, if using a different OS. Compatible monitor/screen resolution(s): 1920x1080 Installation copy entire...
retro grub ubuntu gnome synthwave linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
Aug 04 2021

Griffin Grub

GRUB Themes by Shenron
Griffin Grub is a GRUB theme that will provide a new modern look to your GRUB boot menu. It works on both Arch and Debian based distributions. ###Installation Steps 1. Extract the zip. 2. You will find a in it, run 3. chmod +x 4. sudo ./ 5. Choose your...
grub gnome burg boot bootscreen linux splashscreen ubuntu unix
Oct 24 2019

Linux Mint 20 [unofficial ]

Plymouth Themes by Brahimsalem
To install: --Copy mint folder to /usr/share/plymouth/themes Type to terminal: sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/mint/mint.plymouth 100 sudo update-alternatives --config...
plymouth linux splashscreen bootscreen unix
Apr 20 2018

Fallout Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Griffen8280
This is a simple Plymouth theme for fans of the Fallout games. When combined with the Grub-Theme found here: You can make a pretty complete Fallout boot experience for yourself. It would only be a matter of updating your login screen to complete the...
splashscreen plymouth linux unix bootscreen fallout
Sep 07 2018

feren-logo Plymouth Theme [MOD]

Plymouth Themes by sysmod_linuxus
This one is from mint cinnamon derivated distro and its great!! I made some changes to apply in all distros. Changes: - universal icon on starting - linux foundation logo on shutdown - progress dots removed Feren-Logo plymouth theme was taken from official repositories on sourceforge in...
unix bootscreen splashscreen linux plymouth
Nov 16 2017

Greatest - Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by lisabonne_citadel
this is good one. some problems i faced to apply this theme because two-step module is not installed as predefined on ubuntu . i dont understand why. I convert the rpm to deb format two-step-plugin *transfer from files tab* In mint xfce i was able to apply install two-step-plugin copy two-step...
linux plymouth splashscreen bootscreen unix
Aug 06 2017

UbuntuStudio - Before Dark

Plymouth Themes by FelixHo
copy of the default ubuntustudio plymouth theme/script (and .plymouth file edited to reference the '/beforedark/' folder) but pngs replaced to match the Before Dark wallpaper ( 1. download/unzip/copy folder '/beforedark/' into folder...
unix linux plymouth splashscreen bootscreen
May 02 2017


GRUB Themes by gabrielgry
#Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-dark_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-dark_4-3-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | KDE logo Plasma_5.11-dark_KDE-logo_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | KDE...
splashscreen linux burg bootscreen grub unix
Oct 28 2017


GRUB Themes by gabrielgry
#Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-light_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-light_4-3-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | KDE logo Plasma_5.11-light_KDE-logo_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | KDE...
unix burg bootscreen grub splashscreen linux
Oct 28 2017

Load Linux 2 Animated Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by lisabonne_citadel
This is a custom theme for your os boot. The following commands works in ubuntu derivated distros... if dont work it please make a search on google. copy the loadlinux2 folder to usr/share/plymouth/themes open the terminal and run the following commands sudo ln -sf...
unix bootscreen splashscreen plymouth linux
Apr 02 2017