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Kup Backup System

System Software by sideshow
Kup is created for helping people to keep up-to-date backups of their personal files. Connecting a USB hard drive is the primary supported way to store files, but saving files to a server over a network connection is also possible for advanced users. When you plug in your external hard drive...
app backup utility software
May 22 2021

Mediainfo Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by alex1701c
This is a service menu which can display information for image, video and audio files. It uses mediainfo for fetching the information, so please install this package. Also install kdialog, which is used to display the text. This is a modification of, but this...
mediainfo addon utility
Nov 29 2020

Easier bootsplash setup scripts - Plymouth

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
Easier bootsplash setup scripts allow a little more handy setup of new Plymouth themes on Ubuntu based (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc.) and probably Debian based systems =) I make bootsplashes and to ease setting up and testing new Plymouth themes, I created these wrapper scripts. Don't be shy,...
bootscreen bootsplash plymouth linux tutorial unix utility
Feb 03 2021


Utilities by posktomten
Desktop integration A program for creating, deleting, controlling and organizing shortcuts to AppImage. Pleas visit The program updates itself, you only need to download once. The program is now only available as AppImage.
app appimage software utility
Aug 23 2020

Krunner Pass

System Runners by alex1701c
This plugin integrates Pass with KRunner and lets you copy passwords. This is a fork of, but it has additional features and works the KDE store integration. Please have a look at the README for install instructions. Info: The binary packages work...
addon plasma5 krunner utility
Aug 20 2020


Web Runners by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to use search engines inside Krunner. But instead of specifying the search engine every time can set one you want to use. Additionally it provides search suggestions and direct links. These can be configured in the config dialog, by default they are disabled. Additionally...
addon utility web krunner plasma5
Mar 14 2020

Utilities by 3milian0
Searches for duplicated files
utility app python searching software linux
Apr 25 2020


App Runners by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to launch Firefox profiles from Krunner and your normal launcher. The plugin uses a local copy of the firefox.desktop file. In this file it adds Desktop Action entries for the profiles. Because of this you can search for the profiles in your normal launcher. The...
krunner profiles qt5 addon firefox utility
Mar 14 2020

Krunner Plugins

Listings by alex1701c
This is a collection of my Krunner plugins.
krunner plugin utility listing
Sep 25 2019


App Runners by alex1701c
This Krunner plugin allows you to easily mount/unmount configured Veracrypt volumes. Additionally it provides pass integration. Build instructions: The easiest way to install is: curl | bash Required...
krunner utility veracrypt addon
Sep 10 2019